• Festival Listings

    It’s a gargantuan task to keep track of all of the various festivals taking place in a single province, especially one as committed to merrymaking as Manitoba.

  • Haiku Horoscopes

  • Outdated and out of touch

    Manitoba has one of the highest rates of teen dating violence in the country, according to a recent Statistics Canada report.

  • Haiku Horoscopes

  • ‘I think (Winnipeggers are) addicted to ice cream’

    Two of Winnipeg’s most iconic ice-cream shops are now open for the season and have already had customers lined up at their door despite a lapse in warm weather.

  • Growth mindset

    With spring on the way, many Manitobans are beginning to think about their gardening plans, and the city’s greenhouses have them covered.

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  • Constructing peace of mind for patients

    At least I didn’t have to wear one of the sandwich-board signs.

  • The Uniter Speaker Series presents: Jennifer Smith

    For Métis curator Jennifer Smith, replacing colonial practices begins with a reexamina- tion of values. “Our systems need to change in enormous ways.”

  • Who let the dogs in?

    From the ashes of another food venture’s sudden twilight, the (hotdog) wieners will rise.

  • Osborne Village springing back to life

    Osborne Village could reclaim its spot as “Canada’s greatest neighbourhood” as the district celebrates its 150th anniversary.

  • Zero proof possible

    Bre Kelly’s favourite drink to make at home for herself is an espresso martini. Minus the alcohol.

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  • Measles cases on the rise in Canada, globally

    With measles cases on the rise globally and in some Canadian provinces, Manitobans are being encouraged to protect themselves from the virus before it reaches Manitoba.

  • Definitely ‘Must Be The Place’ to be

    Four months ago, a new Osborne Village venue and bar quietly opened on Stradbrook Avenue.

  • Conscious connection done quick

    Mental-health therapist and Winnipeg Connect founder Sabrina Friesen does all she can for her patients in her one-on-one clinical work. But, sometimes, it takes a village to make someone feel welcome.

  • Mending against ending

    Whether it’s a gradual depreciation, an aesthetic blemish or a catastrophic meltdown, wear and tear is a natural part of most things’ lifecycle.

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  • Gritty City documents early Winnipeg hip-hop scene

    In December 2019, former Stylus Magazine hip-hop writer Nigel Webber dug into researching his passion project, Gritty City: An Oral History of Winnipeg Hip-Hop Music 1980 to 2005, not knowing that the world was about to shut down.

  • How the Village was won

    Where young people congregate, they will also create. The rule has proven itself many times in many cities over the years.

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