Uniter Fiver

  • Keeping it fun

    Baseball Hero is a relatively new band to Winnipeg, but their laid-back, honest approach to songwriting has brought them quickly into the spotlight.

  • Everything old is new again

    Mister K a.k.a Kevin Roy is looking to the past to bring something new to pop music.

  • Falling into place

    Coming of age provides a deep well of emotion from which to draw artistic inspiration. According to Dinner Club, their hard-hitting, driven punk songs feature a touch of it all.

  • Keeping it close

    House Handshake is a band that believes in togetherness. Most of them share a home as well as a musical journey.

  • WINNER: Like ”sitting in the shower”

    Bassist Alex Braun and guitarist Nick Lavich played in a band together in high school. That band was called Cataract.

  • Uniter Fiver 2019

    Welcome to this year’s Uniter Fiver!

  • A recipe for grooving

    Dizzy Mystics is a local rock-inspired band with funk, jazz, folk and ’70s metal influences.

  • A Cawnversation with Two Crows For Comfort

    Cory Sulyma, one-half of local folk duo Two Crows For Comfort, shies away from categorizing the band’s music

  • Giant Skellies rattling bones with upcoming EP

    Their name might suggest otherwise, but the Giant Skellies are anything but bare bones

  • Overcoming fear with honesty

    Singer-songwriter Taylor Janzen is a self-proclaimed Julien Baker Evangelist, crediting the artist with inspiring her to open up emotionally within her own writing.

  • Getting all the small things right

    Pop-punk trio The 1221 take being close with your bandmates to a whole new level. 

  • The 2018 Uniter Fiver

    For this year’s Uniter Fiver, we switched up the order of things a bit and had readers vote on the grand winner of the top five rather than all of the submissions.

  • What’s up with last year’s Fiver bands?

    The Middle Coast // Deep Dark Cave // Adam Hanney & Co. // Fox Lake // Ashley Bieniarz

  • Tusk

    If there’s a more quintessential origin story than TUSK’s, it would be tough to find it.

  • Rosebud

    The duo behind Rosebud took a rather casual approach to forming the two-person band, and that’s how they continue to operate.

  • June Killing Stones

    June Killing Stones is a locally grown band united in their value of community and positivity. Brothers Joshua and Jake Letkeman were working on their craft for years before putting together a group.

  • Awaiting the Answer

    Awaiting the Answer has come together with the common goal of bringing a new sound to Winnipeg’s metal scene.

  • Kakagi

    Kakagi (pronounced ke-KA-gi) is a new band whose name is derived from a small lake in northwestern Ontario. 

  • The 2017 Uniter Fiver

    Choosing just five new local bands to showcase in our annual Uniter Fiver contest is a pretty tall order. This year, we started with 16 amazing submissions and put them to readers and local music lovers to choose the final five.