Pop Culture

  • Cyber sex

    Cyber sex is an entirely different buffet selection than in-person canoodling.

  • Showcasing the absurd

    In the cinematic imaginary, Winnipeg is largely defined by Guy Maddin’s award-winning My Winnipeg (2007), which portrays the city as a remote absurd oddity characterized by a combination of horror, mysticism and sentimentality.

  • Warming huts competition returns to The Forks

    The Forks’ warming-huts competition is back for a 14th consecutive year.

  • Observe & interact

    It’s a sunny Sept. 24 at The Forks when Melanee Tessler frowns at the end of the broken wire. LED lights became disconnected from the wires that lead into the programming box during setup.

  • Serving face this fall

    While the University of Winnipeg (U of W) is home to a number of diverse groups and clubs, there has never been one specifically devoted to drag.

  • Arts briefs

    Digital double feature à la PTE// Lennard Taylor reopening soirée// The city won’t sleep tonight// Bringing African cinema to the Prairies// Music aboard the Nonsuch// Reigniting Indigenous languages

  • ‘Love of the community’

    When The Live Mixtape, an event associated with the Wall-To-Wall Mural and Culture Festival, took the stage at the West End Cultural Centre, 15 artists highlighted their interpretations of love.

  • The mystique lives on

    In a music industry preoccupied with self-perpetuation, Yes We Mystic bucks the trend with decisive finality.

  • The slow movement

    A cultural shift is slowly working its way into society. Promoting connection to people, community, oneself and food, followers of the slow movement advocate for a deliberate and unhurried way of life.

  • Stigmata: stigma’s origin in religious ecstasy

    The word “stigma” comes from a Latin word meaning that a person is marked or branded.

  • Alma’s Rainbow

    Plays at Cinematheque until Sept. 18

  • Reflecting on place and music

    The idea of Winnipeg as a muse may seem peculiar, even pedestrian to its denizens.

  • A quick fix?

    “It’s like an Advil to me,” Reese Estwick says. 

  • Mercury goes retrograde in Libra

    Do your best to avoid jumping to conclusions or gossiping. 

  • White frenemy

    Let’s call him Tony. He called me a close friend. He was older, almost 40.

  • Eulogy for Howard

    On Aug. 18, Winnipeg’s university students and film fans alike were greeted by sad news. 

  • Working through eco-anxiety

    Many people are taught to plan only for the future. Where do you see yourself in five years? In 15? What’s not often discussed or prepared for, though, are the feelings of despair created by simply existing in the current world.

  • Look on their works, ye Manitobans, and rejoice!

    For decades, Contemporary Verse 2 has positioned itself as a bastion of the poetry scene. The published poetry quarterly, headquartered in the ArtSpace building on Arthur Street, is the oldest of its kind in Canada.

  • A retro big top throwback

    Winnipeg’s own acrobatic company The Street Circus will showcase THROWBACK: A Retro Circus Experience at the Gas Station Arts Centre on June 17 and 18.

  • Mercury connects with Saturn

    Mercury connects with Saturn on Thursday, April 7, at 9:37 A.M.

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