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  • Pioneer Days

    The Pioneer Days festival is a longstanding tradition in Steinbach. The annual event, put on by the Mennonite Heritage Village (MHV) museum, celebrates two noteworthy milestones in 2024. While this year marks 60 years of operation for MHV, Pioneer Days will also fall on the 150th anniversary of Mennonites’ first arrival in Manitoba.

  • Real Love Summer Fest

    The name Real Love Winnipeg is a familiar one to virtually any virtual music fan. The independent concert promotion company, started by Gil Carroll and Adam Soloway in 2012, didn’t plan on starting their own festival. But following an invite in 2014 to organize something on the grounds of the Matlock Festival of Music, Art and Nature, the duo developed what would eventually become Real Love Summer Fest.

  • Festival Listings

    It’s a gargantuan task to keep track of all of the various festivals taking place in a single province, especially one as committed to merrymaking as Manitoba.

  • Manitoba Sunflower Festival

    The Manitoba Sunflower Festival (MSF) has been a fun-filled, family-orientated festival in Altona, Man. since 1964.

  • Gimli International Film Festival

    Heading into their 24th year, the Gimli International Film Festival (GIFF) shows no signs of slowing down.

  • Pride Winnipeg

    Pride Winnipeg is celebrating its 13th year at The Forks, and it’s bigger than ever. The theme this year is “Transcend Together.” According to Pride Winnipeg’s website, the theme “embodies the collective strength and unity within the queer community. It emphasizes the empowerment and resilience of trans individuals, advocating for the protection of trans rights and the celebration of their unique identities.”

  • Blue Hills Fibre Festival

    Located a two-hour, scenic drive west from Winnipeg is the town of Carberry which hosts the annual Blue Hills Fibre Festival (BHFF). Founded in 2013, BHFF gives artists an opportunity to share in the making of all types of fibre crafts.

  • The Winnipeg Underground Film Festival

    Winnipeg is a city with a rich cinematic culture and history. As such, there’s no shortage of local film festivals during the summer season. However, for films that truly can’t be seen anywhere else, local cineastes should set their sights on the Winnipeg Underground Film Festival (WUFF).

  • Winnipeg International Burlesque Festival

    What exactly is burlesque? It’s a word that conjures up a particular mental image of risqué turn-of-the-century stage acts with sharp wit and sexually charged energy. When asked to define “burlesque,” DD Brassiere, director of the Winnipeg International Burlesque Festival (WIBF), has a more direct response.

  • Confessions of a festival apprehensionist

    I have a confession to make. It’s something that I’d find embarrassing to admit in any context. I’m particularly bashful sharing it in the pages of the first Uniter festival guide since 2019. But if I’m going to be writing about festivals, I have to fess up.

  • The return of the Summer Festival Guide

    Manitoba might have a reputation, among both Manitobans and outsiders, as a sleepy corner of the Canadian Prairies. But it’s getting harder for detractors to keep the truth under wraps: Manitoba is party country.

  • Dr. William Rory Dickson, associate professor of religion and culture

    Dr. William Rory Dickson’s dream is to make Sufism more accessible to all.

  • The Urban Issue: Addressing violent crime

    It’s a tradition here at The Uniter for us to release a special themed issue as our last weekly edition of the publishing year. The Urban Issue, as we call it, is an opportunity for us to look at social, political and street-level issues that are impacting Winnipeg as a whole: as a city, as a community, as a place, as people.

  • Dr. Jobb Arnold, associate professor of conflict resolution studies

    For Dr. Jobb Arnold, home is not only a physical space, but a psychic one.

  • Origin Stories: Bîstyek

    For Kurdish visual artist Bîstyek, colour has always been a symbol of resistance. A prolific painter, his practice grew to incor- porate sculpture, design and public art, recognized on a national scale.

  • Growth mindset

    With spring on the way, many Manitobans are beginning to think about their gardening plans, and the city’s greenhouses have them covered.

  • Zero proof possible

    Bre Kelly’s favourite drink to make at home for herself is an espresso martini. Minus the alcohol.

  • Mending against ending

    Whether it’s a gradual depreciation, an aesthetic blemish or a catastrophic meltdown, wear and tear is a natural part of most things’ lifecycle.

  • How the Village was won

    Where young people congregate, they will also create. The rule has proven itself many times in many cities over the years.

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