• October 12 2023

    The Sept. 28 article "Hunger is the mother of invention" has been updated to include the name of Kimberley Moore, the co-author of the upcoming book mmm... Manitboa, along with Janis Thiessen.

  • October 12 2023

    In the Sept. 21 article "Whose House? Erica's house," we provided an inaccurate plot synopsis of the play God's LakeThe Uniter regrets the error.

  • September 28 2023

    In the Sept. 21 article "PROFile: Unveiling the universe through physics and curiosity," we identified Dr. Andrew Frey as an associate professor of physics. Frey is now a professor. The Uniter regrets the error.

  • March 23 2023

    In the March 23 article "Critipeg: Space Girl," we stated that the production runs until April 15. It actually runs until April 2. The Uniter regrets the error.

  • March 14 2023

    In the March 9 article "The need to reconnect," we said that Lindsey Bond grew up in Saskatchewan. She actually grew up in Amiskwaciwâskahikan (Edmonton). The Uniter regrets the error.

  • February 16 2023

    In the Feb. 16 article "'Little ephemeral gems,'" we misidentified the subject of the photo as Karen Schlichting. The photo is actually of Christel Lanthier. The Uniter regrets the error.

  • February 10 2023

    In the Feb. 9 article "Workplace boundaries and microagressions," we erroneously referred to Grace O'Farrell as Dr. Grace O'Farrell. The Uniter regrets the error.

  • February 2 2023

    In the Feb. 2 article "Comedic relief," we identified Jared Story as the host of the Winnipeg Comedy Festival. He is actually the host and producer of the Winnipeg Comedy Showcase. The Uniter regrets the error.

  • January 23 2023

    In the Jan. 19 article "Winnipeg lesbians and their 'ring of keys,'" Shawna Dempsey mentions a novel about the life of Virginia Woolf, which we misidentified as Michael Cunningham's The Hours. Dempsey was referencing a different, earlier book, the title of which is unknown. The Uniter regrets the error.

  • January 19 2023

    In the Jan. 19 article "Winnipeg lesbians and their 'ring of keys,'" activist Jim Egan's name was incorrectly given as "Jim Eagen." The Uniter regrets the error.

  • January 9 2023

    In the Jan. 5 article "Illuminating Indigenous knowledge," we misspelled Jaimie Isaac's first name as "Jamie." The Uniter regrets the error.

  • December 1 2022

    In the Dec. 1, 2022 article "Favourite local dancer," we stated that Ella Steele "teaches tap dance and jazz choreography at her own pre-professional tap-dance company called Language of Rhythm at the Doreen Bissett School of Dance." Steele actually teaches at the Doreen Bissett School of Dance, while the pre-professional company she directs is Language of Rhythm. She also teaches ages five to 20, not 13.

    The Uniter regrets the error.

  • November 29 2022

    In the Nov. 24 city briefs, we stated that in the final 54 seconds of the Grey Cup, Winnipeg Blue Bombers kicker Marc Liegghio had his attempted field goal blocked by "Toronto's Nick Hallett." The Toronto player who blocked the goal was Robbie Smith. Nick Hallett plays for Winnipeg and earlier in the game blocked an attempted field goal by Toronto. The Uniter regrets the error.

  • October 31 2022

    In the Oct. 27 arts briefs, we referred to PTE as "Prairie Theatre Company." The correct name is "Prairie Theatre Exchange." The Uniter regrets the error.

  • September 26 2022

    In the Sept. 26 editorial note "Diasporic rage," we stated that a protest was held at the University of Manitoba on a Wednesday regarding the death of Mahsa Amini in police custody in Iran. The protest actually took place on a Tuesday. The Uniter regrets the error.

  • September 19 2022

    In the Sept. 15 article "A quick fix?" we included the quote “(Alcohol) can reduce how well you know the alcohol is working." The quote should read "(Stimulants) can reduce how well you know the alcohol is working." The Uniter regrets the error.

  • June 7 2022

    In the March 17 story "Origin Stories: Lubomyr Melnyk," we stated that Lubomyr Melnyk was born in Ukraine. He was actually born in Germany to Ukrainian parents. The Uniter regrets the error.

  • April 15 2022

    In the April 7 article Who represents you?, Reza Saker Hossain was misidentified as the UWSA's vice-president of internal affairs. Saker Hossain's position is vice-president student affairs. We also misidentified the UWSA's board of directors meeting on March 30 as an annual general meeting (AGM). The UWSA's acutal AGM took place on March 16. The Uniter regrets these errors.

  • March 24 2022

    In the March 24 article "Local performers raise funds for Ukraine," we incorrectly identified Oksana Preachuk as a member of Troyanda Ukrainian Dance Ensemble. Preachuk dances with Rusalka Ukrainian Dance Ensemble. The Uniter regrets the error.

  • February 23 2022

    In the Feb. 17 article "Information for all!" Katherine Klosek's job title was given as "director of research policies." Klosek's correct title is "director of information policy." The Uniter regrets the error.

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