• June 7 2022

    In the March 17 story "Origin Stories: Lubomyr Melnyk," we stated that Lubomyr Melnyk was born in Ukraine. He was actually born in Germany to Ukrainian parents. The Uniter regrets the error.

  • April 15 2022

    In the April 7 article Who represents you?, Reza Saker Hossain was misidentified as the UWSA's vice-president of internal affairs. Saker Hossain's position is vice-president student affairs. We also misidentified the UWSA's board of directors meeting on March 30 as an annual general meeting (AGM). The UWSA's acutal AGM took place on March 16. The Uniter regrets these errors.

  • March 24 2022

    In the March 24 article "Local performers raise funds for Ukraine," we incorrectly identified Oksana Preachuk as a member of Troyanda Ukrainian Dance Ensemble. Preachuk dances with Rusalka Ukrainian Dance Ensemble. The Uniter regrets the error.

  • February 23 2022

    In the Feb. 17 article "Information for all!" Katherine Klosek's job title was given as "director of research policies." Klosek's correct title is "director of information policy." The Uniter regrets the error.

  • February 1 2022

    In the Jan. 27 article "PROFile: Advancing through movement," we stated that Zorya Arrow began teaching at the University of Winnipeg in 2020. Arrow actually began teaching in 2022. The Uniter regrets the error.

  • February 1 2022

    In the Jan. 27 article "Comeback Kid is making Heavy Steps," the band's record label was listed as Nuclear Blast USA. While Nuclear Blast is releasing the album internationally, it is being released in Canada by New Damage Records. The Uniter regrets the error.

  • October 15 2021

    The original version of the Oct. 7 article "Accessibility Services is ready to help" stated that a medical diagnosis is not required to utilize Accessibility Services, citing quotes and information from interviewees. The article has been updated to reflect new information provided by the University of Winnipeg, outlining that a medical diagnosis is required to access this service, but students are not required to share their diagnosis with the university.

  • March 26 2021

    In the March 24 article "Literary landscapes," Katherena Vermette's The Break was mentioned as a winner of the Governor General's Literary Award in fiction. The novel was actually a finalist for the prize. The Uniter regrets the error.

  • March 2 2021

    In the Feb. 25 article "From one vibrant city to another," we said that Lydia Wylie-Kellerman has been the editor of Geez magazine for 5 years. She has actually held the position for 2 years. The Uniter regrets the error.

  • February 5 2021

    In the Feb. 4 article "Plenty of good to go around," a quote describing the mission statement of Black Owned Business Manitoba was mistakenly identified as the mission statement of The Black Label WPG. The quote has been replaced with Black Label WPG's mission statement. The Uniter regrets the error.

  • January 25 2021

    In the Jan. 21 article "Invigorating the Bard," Sarah Constible was incorrectly listed as a founding member of Shakespeare in the Ruins. The correct name is Lora Schroeder. The Uniter regrets the error.

  • January 14 2021

    In the Jan. 14 article "Origin Stories: Jon Klassen," we stated that Jon Klassen's book I Want My Hat Back won the Caldecott Medal for both writing and illustration. The Caldecott Medal is awarded solely for illustration. The Uniter regrets the error.

  • November 19 2020

    In the Nov. 19 article "Working together," we stated that Nedzad Brkic's job title at Credit Union Central of Manitoba as "director of planning, research and mortgage transfer." Brkic's correct job title is director of planning, research and knowledge transfer. The Uniter regrets the error.

  • November 9 2020

    In the Oct. 29 article "(P)artners in performance art and feminist leadership," we stated that Lorri Millan was the performer in the 1990 video "We're Talking Vulva." The performer was Shawna Dempsey. We also stated that the duo installed bus shelter ads for their "One Gay City" project. While ads were created, the ad agency in charge of bus shelters refused to display them, a matter that became the subject of a Manitoba Human Rights Commission challenge. The Uniter regrets these errors.

  • October 8 2020

    In the Oct. 8 article "Pandemic may increase domestic violence," we stated that RESOLVE has offices at the Universities of Manitoba, Regina and Calgary. RESOLVE Saskatchewan's office is now located at the University of Saskatchewan, not the University of Regina. The Uniter regrets the error.

  • September 21 2020

    In the Sept. 10 article "PROFile: Dr. Kathleen Venema," we quoted Venema as saying her worst grade in university was a D. She actually said that her worst grade was a B. The Uniter regrets the error.

  • September 18 2020

    In the Sept. 17 article "Publishing in the pandemic," we listed an outdated street address and website for the Whodunit Mystery Bookstore. Whodunit is located at 163 Lilac St. and its new website is The Uniter regrets the error.

  • September 14 2020

    The Sept. 10 article "Strong father, Strong Son" stated that filmmaker Ian Bawa " has had a number of shorts in the (Toronto International Film Festival) before." Bawa has only had one previous film shown at TIFF. The Uniter regrets the error.

  • September 14 2020


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