• Confessions of a festival apprehensionist

    I have a confession to make. It’s something that I’d find embarrassing to admit in any context. I’m particularly bashful sharing it in the pages of the first Uniter festival guide since 2019. But if I’m going to be writing about festivals, I have to fess up.

  • Awakening the city that always sleeps

    Last summer, West Broadway residents witnessed the unceremonious replacement of the neon-lit windows that framed a neighborhood diner with the tinted coverings of a new cannabis store.

  • Disgusting disasters

    On Feb. 7, a pipe carrying waste from Winnipeg’s southwest neighbourhoods to the South End Sewage Treatment Plant failed. The damaged pipe leaked raw sewage into the Red River near the Fort Garry Bridge.

  • What lies beyond the perimeter

    Winnipeg is a crime-infested cesspool, where danger lurks around every corner – especially downtown.

  • Outdated and out of touch

    Manitoba has one of the highest rates of teen dating violence in the country, according to a recent Statistics Canada report.

  • Commuting through enshittification

    I spent many of my formative years speeding down the information superhighway, hanging out, making friends and getting into trouble. Like a digital version of the teens in American Graffiti or Dazed and Confused, cruising through cyberspace was a liberating experience connecting me to a new world of possibility.

  • Constructing peace of mind for patients

    At least I didn’t have to wear one of the sandwich-board signs.

  • Who’s afraid of nuclear power?

    In 2023, the German government announced that it had finalized the process of decommissioning its remaining nuclear reactors. The phase-out is the result of Energiewende, a decades-long strategy spear-headed by Die Grünen, Germany’s Green Party.

  • Physician, heal thyself

    One’s relationship to their family doctor is a weirdly personal one. On paper, it’s professional, with its own legal dynamics and bureaucracy. But it’s intimate. Your doctor knows more about your body than anyone else. Your life is sometimes literally in their hands. If you’ve had the same doctor since childhood, it can be one of life’s longest relationships. So when your doctor fails you, it’s more than a professional slight – it’s a deep betrayal.

  • Don’t bite the hand that feeds you

    Federal Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault caused uproar over the last few weeks after he announced that the “gov- ernment has made the decision to stop in- vesting in new road infrastructure.”

  • Insufficient funds

    One of the two public tennis courts a block from my downtown apartment has been missing a net since the fall. This was a more pressing issue in October, when temperatures were above freezing and the surface was still playable – but just barely.

  • The spectre of stagnation

    Across several countries, the subject of retirement has come front and centre in political discussions. Last year, for instance, French President Emmanuel Macron introduced a law raising the retirement age from 62 to 64. As the French so often do, the public met the law with widespread protest.

  • A possibility, not a destiny

    Somewhere in storage, my sister-in-law has boxes of baby clothes stashed away for my future daughter. This hypothetical child and all her accoutrements also occupy space in other people’s minds.

  • A tale of two sports cities

    On Jan. 31, Winnipeg Blue Bombers fans were greeted by a cryptic Instagram post showing a fur coat and cowboy hat hanging on an armoire. The only word in the post was “soon.” Bomber fans knew this could only mean one thing.

  • The changing nature of education

    Every year, the University of Winnipeg (U of W) welcomes more than a thousand new students. For students, starting university can signify a new chapter filled with glee. For institutions, these are fresh minds to educate.

  • Turbulent takeoffs

    Over the past couple of years, I have come to the conclusion that flying is the worst way to travel.

  • On becoming a jock

    As a kid, I enjoyed playing volleyball in gym class and tag on the playground as much as I enjoyed videogames and history class. I didn’t participate in many extracurricular activities and didn’t come from a sporty household, but during this period, sport and play were synonymous, and one’s social class was rarely equated with athletic performance.

  • A marketing ‘mastermind’

    With 2023 finally in the rearview, it appears that it was a year brimming with reimaginings. Pop-culturally, the year felt bombastic, an undeniable response to years shrouded in uncertainty and despondence.

  • Cleaning with care

    The process of cleaning has always been an integral part of my life. Many of my earliest memories are shaped by the scents, sights, sounds and sensations of cleaning. I can vividly recall the feeling of my mother’s cloth-brandished hand reaching from behind me to wipe my perpetually snot-covered face – an act I vehemently rejected.

  • Winnipeg Transit in crisis

    Unreliable. Overpriced. Absent. These are a few of the more polite words I’d use to describe Winnipeg Transit in its current state. For people who take the bus regularly, this isn’t news. For everyone else, I’ll bring you up to speed.

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