Volume 64, Number 22

Published March 11, 2010

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  • Political parties at City Hall

    Do you think we need political parties at Winnipeg City Hall?

  • Fashion Streeter

    Vintage photographs and rural Manitoba thrift store treasure inspire us.
  • What are you wearing?

    Looking around the sea of jogging pants, athletic wear and other “student-uniform” ensembles, you’re bound to see something that’s come to define our demographic: labels.

  • Make a fresh take on an old classic this season

    Now that the smell of spring is in the air and the stores have brought out their sandals and skirts, the question of which way to go when it comes to this season’s looks can be overwhelming coming out of the winter blahs.

  • Preventing diabetes

    Pre-diabetes and diabetes affect more people than you might think.

  • The lost link between video editing, porn and meth

    In this godless and valueless cesspool we call modern society, it is sometimes difficult to avoid certain temptations. These include drinking to excess, performing lewd acts of pure indecency with a watermelon and a pair of leather pants, or even to taking a penny from the little tray when you don’t really need it.

  • Clubbed to death

    There is no doubt about Winnipeg nightclubs creating cheap thrills for anyone over the age of 18. Some nights end up costing more than one’s paycheque, while others end in tears and broken stilettos. But everyone comes out to have a good time.

  • Illustrating the fine lines of mental illness

    Mental illness is one of the few social taboos that is still completely ignored, misrepresented, or flat-out denied by much of the Western world. Von Allan experienced the toll mental illness can take firsthand –  his mother was diagnosed with schizophrenia when he was 11.

  • Putting the pieces together

    The University of Winnipeg’s fourth-year Devised Theatre class is promising theatre-goers a unique experience with its latest production.

  • In art there are no rules

    Adrian Williams doesn’t follow any rules when he creates art. Whether it’s cobbling together various materials into a collage or drawing on reclaimed paper, his quirky style plays with a visually aesthetic texture and depth.

  • The poor stay poor while the rich get rich

    In a world where there is so much wealth, why is there still so much poverty? That is the primary question of Philippe Diaz’s latest documentary The End of Poverty?, and it’s a question to which there is no good answer.

  • Thirsty for sweat, not blood

    These creatures of the night aren’t thirsty for blood. Rather, they come out of hiding regularly on stages across Winnipeg with their grungy, oft-fuzzy dirty dance riffs thirsty for one thing only – sweat.

  • BORN RUFFIANS - Sole Brother

    This first single off Born Ruffians upcoming record Say It is probably exactly what you’d expect it to be.


    When McGill graduate Christine Jensen’s compositions on her sister Ingrid’s record Vernal Fields won the Best Mainstream Jazz Juno in 1995, it was clear that Christine was not satisfied to sit second chair to her world-recognized sister.

  • BRADLEY - Mountain Tiger Wolf

    Bradley’s Mountain Tiger Wolf is basically an indie techno loop of random pop culture highlights since 1972.

  • EVERY TIME I DIE - New Junk Aesthetic

    For my dollar, there is no other metalcore band really worth listening to.

  • THE PAPERBACKS - Lit From Within

    Even though he’s just 34, I think we should already give singer-guitarist Doug McLean some sort of lifetime achievement award for writing well-crafted, literate, urgent indie rock songs that stick with you for days.

  • Playing with fire

    Will Bonness lives and breathes music.

    For the past six years, the local jazz pianist has been one of the mainstays at the Cool Monday Night Hang, a weekly jazz jam session which currently takes place at the Orbit Room on Pembina.

  • Education brings fear for some current aboriginal leaders

    As someone who teaches aboriginal education to students, the content of my courses includes the devastating effects of colonial policies on aboriginal peoples, such as the residential school system and how it contributed to the loss of aboriginal languages and culture.

  • The streets are green with liberty

    It’s a grey and dreary afternoon here on Portage Avenue. I am sitting in the lounge of the Rinkside Bar and Grill and a deadline looms menacingly over my head. I haven’t even touched my drink yet. Just two hours left now – got to stay focused. Have to finish the article and get this story out.

  • Something borrowed, something new

    The federal Conservative government released its latest budget last Thursday, March 4. From most accounts, it was a document best left not talked about in any great detail beyond its uninspired nature.

  • Christianity in 2010: Who cares?

    It is intriguing to say “I am no longer a Christian.”

  • Use your brains… and your hands!

    University of Winnipeg students will soon be able to combine their theoretical knowledge with practical, hands-on experience.

  • Campus News Briefs

    Acclaimed playwright to lead writing workshop; Alumni to honour esteemed graduate; Wesmen coach honoured; Teaching expert to lecture at U of W; Wesmen athletes honoured

  • An election unlike any other

    This year’s general elections for the University of Winnipeg Students’ Association (UWSA) are shaping up to be different from those in the past, according to chief elections commissioner Jenna Myles.

  • Picking a president for Red River College

    Physically, it was a short trip for Red River College’s (RRC) interim president and CEO Cathy Rushton to fill the vacant presidency position until a permanent replacement is found. Mentally, however, it’s a whole other story.

  • Public or private? Not just for primary schools anymore

    An international student can choose to either attend the same stream of first-year university as everyone else or go to a private company that provides the equivalent of first-year university, catered specifically to the needs of international students. Which choice does the student make?

  • Extreme Pita recovers from extreme accident

    The last thing Rupesh Patel, owner of Extreme Pita at 491 Portage Ave., expected to hear one fateful morning was that his restaurant was destroyed.

  • International News Briefs

    Soldier posts West Bank raid on his Facebook status update; Man uses car to walk his dog, loses license; Parking violation for Russian tanks; Partier gets busted for doing drugs on cop car; Chickens distributed to deal with garbage

  • The death of the Canadian Association of Broadcasters

    The heated public battle over the infamous “TV tax” has led to the closure of a long-standing organization that has represented private television and radio broadcasters for more than 80 years.

  • Local News Briefs

    Flood forecast optimistic; Mystery illness closes Public Safety Building; Beer prices increase; Jets land in Winnipeg again; Celebrating Manitoba women

  • Social media for local media

    Your grandpa isn’t the only one updating his status and looking up the latest events on Facebook; social networking websites are becoming an important tool for just about everyone now, including local media outlets.

  • Is the NDP taking over Winnipeg?

    Mayor Sam Katz says that political parties are taking over Winnipeg’s City Hall. And only he can stop them.

  • Rockin’ the boat for a good cause

    Don Woodstock, a Winnipeg Transit bus driver and environmental activist, has a dream – a dream of a greener and more socially conscious Manitoba.