BORN RUFFIANS - Sole Brother

This first single off Born Ruffians upcoming record Say It is probably exactly what you’d expect it to be. The Toronto indie band has made a brand out of stripped-down pop since they first debuted four years ago. But the sound, which is essentially Vampire Weekend by way of Grizzly Bear, may be on the verge of becoming all too familiar. That said, Sole Brother is a catchy little ditty, with simple repetitive guitar lines, subdued drum beats and even simpler lyrics. While I may not know what “I know the election was a sole brother” means exactly, I have to admit, of all the new-but-becoming-old-fast sub-genres of indie music, this one is probably the hardest to resist. Say It is in stores June 1. Download Sole Brother at

Published in Volume 64, Number 22 of The Uniter (March 11, 2010)

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