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Flood forecast optimistic

Manitobans in flood-prone areas can rest a little easier if the warm weather keeps up, reports the Winnipeg Free Press. Alf Warkentin, the province’s senior flood forecaster, said the warmer weather is causing more snow to evaporate each day instead of turning into run-off water. Every little bit helps, he says, to reduce the severity of flooding in April. He cautions not to get too optimistic, though, saying more than a week of sunny weather is needed before major changes to the flood forecast can be made.

Mystery illness closes Public Safety Building

The Public Safety Building in Winnipeg’s downtown was evacuated last Wednesday, March 3 after one police officer and three civilian staff members were sent to hospital after complaining of symptoms like difficulty breathing, nausea and coughing. Staff returned to work around 3:30 p.m. after numerous air-quality tests proved the air safe to breathe. Investigations are underway by workplace health and safety officials to determine the cause of the respiratory illnesses. The air will continue to be tested for the next couple days to ensure continued safety, the Winnipeg Free Press reports.

Beer prices increase

On March 8, The Manitoba Liquor Control Commission (MLCC) increased the price of beer by $1.25 per 12-pack. The move is sure to upset those who enjoy drinking a cold one, but the MLCC has said that Manitobans will still enjoy the lowest to second-lowest prices in the country. The MLCC has also tried to assuage upset drinkers by highlighting that the beer handling fee and beer markup price have not been raised in six and eight years respectively. The price changes also affect premium and deluxe priced spirits which will see a nominal price increase.

Jets land in Winnipeg again

Former members of the Winnipeg Jets, including Russ Romaniuk and Jordy Douglas, laced up their skates for a match against local media personalities last Saturday, March 6. The game was played using 100-year-old rules, which allow seven players per team and no forward passing. Fans of the Jets stood on the ice to watch the game as would have been done a century ago. Spectators also had a chance to see the Avco Cup, the former World Hockey Association’s championship trophy, which the Jets won in the league’s closing year, reported the Winnipeg Free Press. Although the final score is unknown, we do know the former Jets players walked away with the victory.

Celebrating Manitoba women

The YMCA-YWCA will be honouring Manitoban women who have significantly contributed to the betterment of their community. The 2010 Women of Distinction Awards is part of an effort to increase awareness of local women devoted to improving our city and province. Forty-five women are nominated in 10 categories and two of the youth awards come with $2,000 scholarships. Ace Burpee and Chrissy Troy will be the masters of ceremony at the event, which takes place Wednesday, April 28 at the Winnipeg Convention Centre. Tickets are $125 and all proceeds go to various YMCA-YWCA programs and community initiatives in support of women.

Published in Volume 64, Number 22 of The Uniter (March 11, 2010)

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