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Soldier posts West Bank raid on his Facebook status update

JERUSALEM, Israel: An intended raid in Palestinian territory was called off after an Israeli soldier posted the top secret details on Facebook. In a status update, the soldier posted how their unit was planning a mission in the West Bank. Details included the time and place and how the unit would be conducting a “clean-up” in the area. According to Reuters, Israel said raids in the West Bank are planned to arrest Islamic militants suspected of leading attacks on their country. The soldier was relieved of combat duty after his friend reported the Facebook message to military authorities.

Man uses car to walk his dog, loses license

ANNFIELD PLAIN, Great Britain: A man admitted to violating two counts of the road traffic act after he was caught driving his car while he lead his dog on its leash through the vehicle’s window. Railton’s license was suspended for six months due to the fact he already had nine points against his license with another three added because of the incident. BBC News reported a cyclist turned Railton into the police after observing the unique form of dog walking. Railton’s lawyer, Paul Donoghue, said in court the 23-year-old admitted it was a silly and lazy thing to do.

Parking violation for Russian tanks

MOSCOW, Russia: Approximately 200 Russian battle tanks were found abandoned on the side of the road and in the forest of the Ural mountains. Locals in a nearby village say the tanks have been sitting there, covered in snow, for the last few months. Locals have been able to sit in the tanks, amusing themselves with empty ammunition belts. It appears the tanks were just left there. The only things missing were live rounds and the keys to the ignition. Telegraph reported a military spokesman said the tanks were being guarded by special patrols. However, military prosecutors are doubtful and have opened an official investigation. The report on the abandoned tanks came a day after top army officials suggested downsizing the number of tanks in the army, getting rid of many older models.

Partier gets busted for doing drugs on cop car

BERLIN, Germany: A nightclub goer was arrested after police witnessed him trying to snort drugs off the hood of their unmarked car. The man exited the club and proceeded to line up rails of his amphetamines on the car parked in the disco parking lot, unaware it belonged to the police. According to the Globe & Mail, it was a coincidence the officers were returning to their vehicle at that exact moment when the act was taking place.

Chickens distributed to deal with garbage

MOUSCRON, Belgium: Town residents are being offered chickens in an attempt to reduce the city’s waste. The municipal government is giving out 50 pairs of chickens to families with enough yard space to take care of them. According to BBC News, families who take chickens must agree not to eat them or give the birds away for at least two years. The city is stressing a free supply of eggs as an incentive to the families. The city previously distributed chickens and due to the success of that offer are giving the initiative another try.

Published in Volume 64, Number 22 of The Uniter (March 11, 2010)

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