Make a fresh take on an old classic this season

A guide to spring trends

Melody Morrissette

Now that the smell of spring is in the air and the stores have brought out their sandals and skirts, the question of which way to go when it comes to this season’s looks can be overwhelming coming out of the winter blahs.

Like every season in fashion, there is usually a contrast between a few different trends. Fresh, light, effortless and structure are the words that come to mind when reviewing the hard and soft looks in stores this season.

A Floral Affair

Floral patterns are no surprise when it comes to spring fashion, but this season prints are taken to the next level. Not just on shirts and dresses anymore, this year we can see floral patterns on pants, bags, jewelry and sunglasses. The colourful pop of colour brings a feminine vibe to an outfit and is a fun way to instantly update your look. Not everyone suits floral pants, but these are my favourite floral-print item this spring. The mix of pattern on pants is an unexpected way of showing off a spring season staple year after year, but with a twist.

Back to Basics

It’s safe to say we all have a pair of jeans (or numerous pairs) which we tend not to fuss with. The “Canadian tuxedo” has been making a comeback, so now is the time to pull out those denim shirts you thought you were never going to wear again. The all-denim look is extremely easy to pull off and affordable. You may own these items already and can DIY your own denim look with patches or jewels. Stick to lighter washes of jeans or mix and match various shades when doing denim on denim. This look is a mixture of understated and casual, but is combined with the boldness of simple denim pieces.

Staying Neutral

Sticking with the theme of simplicity, nude shades of khaki, ivory and peach are essential this upcoming season. Since the shades are versatile and classic, splurging on a bigger items such as a trench coat or leather purse will last you all year round. Footwear in strappy sandals and clog-inspired designs are also being seen in these nude shades and have a fresh and youthful look to them. Bursts of colour such as hot pink, sea-foam green, aqua blue or orange mixed with nude-coloured items can help change up this look. Changing colours is an easy way to take your nude-coloured items from one season to the next.

In Short

Spring 2010 also brings the beginning of summer attire, including shorts. Having been around for decades, shorts have changed over time and this season comes full circle when it comes to the different types of styles. This season, shorts range from loose-fitting knee-length, short and structured, and super-short underwear-like fitted styles. This leg-baring look also comes in an array of fabrics as well. Feeling sporty? You literally can go scuba diving with some of the scuba-gear inspired shorts and one pieces. An everyday option is, of course, the denim short or the khaki style in linen fabrics. Soft, flowy fabrics in cool colours, such as blues and greens, make the casual short fancier.

Published in Volume 64, Number 22 of The Uniter (March 11, 2010)

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