Kathleen Cerrer

  • A healthy alternative to feel beautiful

    With the holiday season in full swing, you may be searching for unique, local products that are environmentally friendly. Just the Goods, a local handmade skincare line, might be just what you need.

  • Not your grandma’s jewelry

    Dayle Goertzen’s love of vintage began as a child, collecting tossed away treasures at yard sales.

  • Dreaming of fashion

    This year, fall fashion has brought many animalistic trends including leopard print, various furs and feathers.


    Formed in 2002, Defiance, Ohio released their album Midwestern Minutes on independent label No Idea! Records.

  • Vintage couture

    Jill Munro, owner of Lune Vintage shop and blog, has turned her passion into her business.


    Ottawa band The Murder Plans recently released their first full-length album of awe-inspiring lyrics and mellow sounds.

  • Making sense of your scent

    You can tell a lot about a person by the way they smell. Scent can change your mood, bring back memories or set the tone or atmosphere.

  • AM Taxi

    Chicago-based punk band AM Taxi recently released their Virgin Records debut titled We Don’t Stand a Chance.

  • The City Streets

    Edmonton trio The City Streets’ third release, The Jazz Age, oozes emotion you can feel as you listen to each song.

  • The Matter with Morris by David Bergen

    The Matter with Morris by local author David Bergen takes on a journey of life, love, loss and questions why certain things happen the way they do.


    Canadian indie-rock band Born Ruffians mix a variety of sounds into their latest effort, Say It.

  • Dress for the fest

    Summer in Winnipeg means festival season is in full swing. With the many festivals our city offers such as the Fringe Festival or the Folk Festival, we should take advantage of all they have to offer and the unique summer styles on display.

  • A quick fashion fix

    We’ve all been there, dressed to the nines at an event where a fashion blunder happens at the most inconvenient time. There’s no need to panic, though. Just remember these helpful tips to get you out of any wardrobe malfunction with ease.

  • A plethora of pretty packages to choose from

    If there’s one thing I love doing, it’s travelling. But it seems I can only find luggage in dark, depressing colours or cheesy patterns.

  • Giving rain the boot

    Rain gear can get dull and boring. But even though we’re entering the season to break out everything waterproof, there are ways you can still look stylish while doing so.

  • Make a fresh take on an old classic this season

    Now that the smell of spring is in the air and the stores have brought out their sandals and skirts, the question of which way to go when it comes to this season’s looks can be overwhelming coming out of the winter blahs.

  • Ask Kathleen

    The Uniter’s resident fashion fanatic answers your questions about clothes

  • Awareness is in fashion

    Rock the Ribbon is a local fashion show benefitting the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation–Prairies/NWT Region. Founders and event organizers Meryl De Leon and Shayna Wiwierski created the event to raise awareness about breast cancer while featuring local fashion name Nygard.

  • Will you be my Valentine?

    Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and with it comes the challenging task of buying the perfect gift. It’s tough to be original when all we see in stores are endless heart-shaped boxes of chocolates and useless stuffed teddy bears. Whether you are in a long-term relationship, in the early stages of dating or just smitten for someone special, these suggestions take a different, fashionable approach to your Valentine’s Day woes.

  • Piercing though to the mainstream

    Like any type of body modification, piercings attract attention and make a statement. Whether it is an expression of one’s beliefs, personality or simply someone’s style, body piercings have become more prevalent today. Once considered a form of rebellion, body piercings have become mainstream.

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