Giving rain the boot

Foot fashions in time for April’s showers

Rain gear can get dull and boring. But even though we’re entering the season to break out everything waterproof, there are ways you can still look stylish while doing so.

Along with ponchos, rain coats, hats and umbrellas, rain boots are an essential item during a rainy season. There are more than just plain black, green or yellow boots on the market to brighten any rainy day.

The Wellington boot, often referred to as “Wellies,” is a popular name when it comes to rain boots. The English brand provides durable lined boots with such designers as Lulu Guiness creating designs for the company.

The Holster boutique collection offers a sophisticated and sleek look if sporty is not your style.

The Wellie Art line offers creative designs like animal prints, polka dots, floral and matte finishes. Ranging from approximately $59–$100, these boots are great to keep for years to come as they are quite classic.

Kamik, a Canadian-based brand out of Quebec, offers durable rubber boots which will defend against most of the elements. Available in various heights, the boots start from $59 and up.

The lightweight boot with traction allows for easy movement and is appropriate for outdoor adventures.

Chooka is another established brand with an edgy and bold look. From plaid, hearts, alligators and tattoo-inspired prints, Chooka’s designs are definitely noticeable and are for the fashion risk-taker. The style of the boot itself also varies from lace up, buckles and wedge heels. The plain rain boot is now fun and fashionable.

Looking for a more affordable option?

Joe Fresh has plenty of rain boot options at an incredible price. Creme-coloured rain boots with navy blue horizontal stripes are both wearable and versatile. For $29 these boots are great for every day or to keep as an emergency pair for rare rainy days.

Rain boots for children are also available, which are too cute! Rainbows of colours with monster and animal faces make them stand out and are a fun way to wear them.

Or you can create your own personalized rain boots with boots you already own. Use waterproof paint or markers to decorate with stencils or free hand. Experiment with jewels and stickers to create your own unique look.

Published in Volume 64, Number 23 of The Uniter (March 18, 2010)

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