Volume 64, Number 23

Published March 18, 2010

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  • Taxi driver safety

    Is enough being done to make taxi drivers safer?

  • The Frenchway is the way to go

    The Frenchway Café and Bakery, a quaint little spot on Academy Road, offers one of the most pleasurable culinary experiences in Winnipeg. Owner and chef Olivier Fortat from France has managed to bring an authentic taste of his homeland to the Winnipeg food scene.

  • Fashion Streeter

    I love good quality classic pieces that last and that you can wear with everything ... I also like wearing men’s wear just becau
  • Reading between the grocery store lines

    Choosing healthy foods at a grocery store is a daunting task if you have no idea how to read a package.

  • Heeding the Hollywood warning

    As we all know, thanks to John Cusack, the world is going to end on Dec. 21, 2012 and there’s nothing any of us can do about it.

  • Giving rain the boot

    Rain gear can get dull and boring. But even though we’re entering the season to break out everything waterproof, there are ways you can still look stylish while doing so.

  • Betty & Johnny

    Q: What is the best kind of birth control?

  • Evolution of the Board

    While the National Film Board of Canada has escaped recent budget cuts, it also hasn’t seen any increase in funding in the past 10 years.

  • Sex, death and depravity

    Auschwitz. Rwanda. Human trafficking. These things make us uncomfortable to be human. They are brutal illustrations of humanity’s capacity to act inhumanly towards others, to do abominable, unspeakable things.

  • Three dimensions of Vlad-itude

    Winnipeg, prepare to meet your Vlad-Master. The Vlad, a cleverly adapted name for your typical View-Master, was “created” by Portland-based experimental filmmaker Vladimir Solmon a few years ago.

  • Blood cuts deep

    Vancouver playwright Kevin Loring’s contemplative Where the Blood Mixes is a strange beast of a play, one which plays heavily on parallels and contradictions.

  • Let the memory live again

    Leigh Konyk’s solo exhibition called Mixed Media & Collage Assemblages focuses on time and place and is currently on display at the Cre8ery.

  • Jason Collett leads The Bonfire Ball

    When folky, singer-songwriter Jason Collett plays in Winnipeg early next month, it will be anything but a typical show.

  • TWIN TIGERS - Automatic

    Gray Waves, the debut LP from Athens, Georgia-based nu-gazers Twin Tigers, was released on iTunes last week.


    Phil Enns


    With something like 10 releases in the last 11 years, the prolific pace at which Toronto rocker Hawksley Workman releases music is akin to Neil Young.

  • GATHERING OF FLIES - Menow’s Gathering of Flies

    With its bloozy hard rock riffing, wah-drenched guitar wankery and songs about girls and liquor, this Manitoba-based power trio desperately wants to be Guns N Roses.

  • …AND THEN NOTHING - …And Then Nothing

    Post-rock is an oft-vilified sub-genre of rock ’n’ roll, usually dismissed as being a self-serving and pretentious grouping of art rockers.

  • Putting nonsense to good use

    Don’t let James Struthers fool you – the local songwriter may sing about Transformers and Easy-Bake Ovens, but he has a sound and style beyond his years.

  • Mama’s got a brand new bag

    In ’50s fiction, the idea of UFO movement was unnatural to pilots and scientists of the day because of their proposed ability to stop on a dime and make 90 degree turns: sharp angles taken at high speeds with no regards to Newton’s first law of motion.

  • Arts Briefs

    This Justin; Bacon > sex; The revolution must have a permit

  • Faithful priorities

    The role of religion and faith in our lives is no doubt something worth considering and there are two recent issues which deal with the role of God in our lives: that of a six-year-old girl who was abducted and sexually assaulted in The Pas, and that of brain-dead baby Isaiah May in Edmonton.

  • An appeal for clarity

    It has recently come to my attention that there is no hierarchy within the University of Winnipeg Students’ Association (UWSA) executive. The president has no sort of substantial authority over the vice-presidents.

  • Taking a stand against the Israeli occupation of Palestine

    The beginning of March in Winnipeg witnessed a controversial event called the Israeli Apartheid Week, which ran worldwide from March 1 to 14. In short, this was “good” for some and “bad” for others: good because it gives Palestinians a voice to speak and attempts to break the silence around them; on the other hand, it is bad because it is perceived as a movement that provides a space to promote “hatred against Jews.”

  • When America catches a cold…

    Having just returned from a five-week trip in the United States of America, I have made some observations of our southern neighbour that I think are worth noting.

  • A sacrifice of Olympic proportions

    The Vancouver 2010 Olympics, for some, is a distant memory. For others, the bruises splotched across tattered bodies are only just beginning to fade.

  • Campus News Briefs

    CRA releases tax tips for students; Exhibit celebrates Manitobans making waves worldwide; Business students go hungry, homeless; PIPE, U of W applaud medical isotope funding; Kinesiology students #1 at national competition, win a shoe

  • And… Cut! That’s a wrap!

    You could say that a men’s basketball team that loses almost every game in a season isn’t entertainment – and you may be right. Yet it’s the courage of the Wesmen Men’s Basketball team to step out onto the court, with the hopeful ambition that these men did, that is the true spectacle. They went out and did their best every single game.

  • Wesmen volleyball seasons come to a close short of nationals

    The 2009–2010 Wesmen Men’s Volleyball team started out the season with six talented new athletes in the program.

  • A pipe band, speeches and more speeches

    Receiving a diploma is a moment most students look forward to throughout their university careers. But through all the excitement on this special day, students may overlook many of the deeply-rooted traditions of the convocation ceremony.

  • Graduates making a difference

    The University of Winnipeg Alumni Association Council is currently receiving nominations for this year’s Distinguished Alumni Award. Since it was first given out in 1990, the award has acknowledged the exceptional accomplishments of some of the U of W’s most notable graduates.

  • Barley: Not just for beer anymore

    While it’s best known as the prime ingredient in your favourite “brewski,” top researchers, farmers and dieticians want you to know that barley can be so much more than that.

  • Water watch

    Water-watching Winnipeggers have been waiting for answers regarding the forthcoming change in the city’s water utility, originally touted as a public-private partnership (P3), but at this point, nobody except Mayor Sam Katz knows what to call it.

  • International News Briefs

    Rat sweeper; Excavated Scandinavians; Eleven tigers dead in three months; Pride in torture; No more civilian camouflage

  • Motivationally speaking

    If you’ve been a high school student, you probably know what it’s like to be rounded up like cattle with your fellow classmates and prodded into the gymnasium to hear a speaker talk about how to live your life, or how they lived their life, or both. Selection of school speakers is not arbitrary, though. It’s business, and it’s consciously decided upon.

  • Local News Briefs

    Ice cutting underway on Red River; Provincial park prices rise; Vision Quest; Pride welcomes R & B star

  • Province serving up stiff penalties

    The Manitoba government is looking to implement the country’s toughest fines against underage drinking and those who facilitate it in an attempt to curb teenagers from developing alcohol dependencies.

  • Portage Place is ‘cheap’ without the ‘chic’

    Over the last 12 months, three large stores – Carlton Cards, Smart Set, and Barnes & Castle – along with several temporary kiosks and experimental stores have vacated Winnipeg’s Portage Place Shopping Centre. The result? A wealth of empty retail space in a mall that lags behind its competition in sales and desirability.

  • Winnipeg taxis beef up security

    A recent wave of attacks against Winnipeg cab drivers has prompted the Manitoba Taxicab Board (MTB), the provincial regulator, to seek new security measures that will expand the plastic shield that separates cab drivers from their passengers.