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  • A primer on toilet/smart phone etiquette

    I’ve been talking to a lot of people lately about toilet/smart phone etiquette,  and I’ve come to some very startling conclusions.

  • A thoughtful response to Vic Toews and Bill C-30

    A lot of people have been making a big stink lately over Vic Toews and his proposed bill to give the Canadian government more freedom to go through Canadians’ emails and other personal online transactions without a warrant, or any real oversight or accountability.

  • Unintelligent design for dummies

    I am so sick of hearing about the “debate” between evolution and “intelligent design,” as if those are the only two possible options to explain how we as humans ended up the way we are.

  • A quick guide to stereotyping

    You know what I really hate about Mexicans?
    I don’t mean to sound racist or prejudiced or anything like that, but the one thing I really can’t stand about Mexicans is that they’re a very diverse people, which makes it hard to make hurtful generalizations about them.

  • How awesome would it be to remember everything?

    As I get older, I find it harder and harder to remember crap.

  • The lowdown on downloading in 2011

    I was in the mall the other day and I noticed something hilarious.

  • Let’s face it: The Jets suck

    Hi gang! As you all know I normally tend stay away from controversial issues, but this week I have something to say that’s been building up for a while and I need to get it off my chest.

  • Here comes the Sun

    I’ve been noticing something for the past little while that has been concerning me: one of the so-called newspapers in our fair city has been spewing anything but.

  • A TV show about nature seduces and consumes

    I’ve never really been that into TV—or at least, that’s what I tell people in between my favourite shows.

  • Attack of the midlife responsibility bug

    I’ve taken my first word-steps into the dank, smelly jungle that will be my column for the 2011-12 school year – suckling at the giant milky teat of The Uniter.

  • Portable toilets for dummies

    Well, it’s that time of year again: festival season in Winnipeg.

  • Why I don’t want to go to heaven

    For the past few months, American radio minister Harold Camping has been predicting that the Rapture would occur on May 21, 2011.

  • This week, J transforms into a grumpy old man

    As some of you might know, new words have been added to the Oxford English Dictionary. This is done every year to make sure that the English language itself actually aligns with how the majority of people use the language.

  • What do you like most or least Winnipeg?

    What do you like most or least Winnipeg?

    Look for a special video version of the Streeter at http://www.youtube.com/user/TheUniter204.

  • Hey God, what the fuck?

    Hello, dear readers. Because I love you all so much, and because it is my Christian duty to help whomever I can, I’ve decided to use this week’s column to post a letter to God.

  • Worthlessly shilling worthless products

    Recently, I received six months of free television as part of a promotion from my cable provider.

  • Evil has a face. A vile, flowery face.

    Good and evil are terms we use quite often, but they are surprisingly hard to define.

  • This week, J. saves the newspaper industry

    Newspapers are going to shit. It’s no secret – we all know it’s true.

  • A solution so obvious, it hurts

    Here on planet Earth, we are facing an energy crisis the likes of which no human culture has ever seen, and barely anyone is talking about it.

  • The glorious future to come

    Sometimes, when life gets me down, I like to think about the future to cheer myself up.

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