Casandra Anderson

  • Basketball players go from green to red

    The University of Winnipeg’s Wesmen Women’s Basketball Team has recruited two new players from the Vincent Massey Trojans. Stephanie Kleysen and Ashleigh Chichlowski have been two key players for the Trojans this season.

  • The April music round up

    This spring is going to rock your socks off.

  • Sweatin’ to the oldies

    At 64, Canadian music legend Neil Young may just be a hair younger than his musical contemporaries. But when the man with the heart of gold gets onstage, as anyone who has seen him can attest, he gets a whole lot younger.

  • And… Cut! That’s a wrap!

    You could say that a men’s basketball team that loses almost every game in a season isn’t entertainment – and you may be right. Yet it’s the courage of the Wesmen Men’s Basketball team to step out onto the court, with the hopeful ambition that these men did, that is the true spectacle. They went out and did their best every single game.

  • The Wesmen Men gave it their all

    It was an easier win for the Trinity Western University Spartans Men’s Volleyball team than in their past games against the Wesmen Men’s team at the playoffs on Feb. 25-27.

  • Que sera sera

    Unfortunately for the Wesmen Women’s Basketball team, their playoff run came to a close this past Thursday, Feb. 25 and Friday, Feb. 26. The Simon Fraser University Clan quickly took leads in both games and eliminated the Wesmen easily and painfully.

  • It’s playoff time!

    Whether you’re a basketball or volleyball fan, you can look forward to some exciting playoff action from both Wesmen teams starting Thursday, Feb. 25. The Wesmen women’s basketball team and the Wesmen men’s volleyball team will be working hard in the next week at playoff games in B.C. to bring glory back to the prairies.

  • A series of great games

    If you weren’t at the Duckworth Centre this past Friday, Feb. 5, you missed some great games.

  • Duff has the stuff

    The Wesmen Women’s Volleyball Team headed off against the Manitoba Bisons on Feb. 3, both teams looking for the win to get the playoff spot.

  • Sad end to hope for the playoffs

    The 2ndplace Regina Cougars men’s basketball team beat out the Wesmen team this past Friday, Feb. 5.  Despite the setbacks the Wesmen have encountered this year of losses, they put up an incredible battle and made Regina fight for their victory.

  • Still no luck for Wesmen Men’s basketball team

    Friday night, Jan. 29 at the Duckworth Centre the University of Winnipeg Women’s Wesmen Basketball team played a tight game against the University of Lethbridge Horns.

  • One down, one up

    Winnipeg Wesmen Women’s Volleyball action kicked off Friday, Jan. 29 in British Columbia at Simon Fraser University (SFU). The Clan and Wesmen headed off in a panic room of five sets. Sonia Rossy and Ariel Smith of the Wesmen led their team with a combined 30 kills, while SFU’s Colleen Douville and KJ Fridfinnson added their combined 25 kills.

  • Wesmen Men’s Volleyball team continues winning streak

    It was the best of times, it was the worst of times as the Wesmen volleyball teams faced off against the Trinity Western University Spartans at the Duckworth Centre last weekend.

  • Wesmen basketball teams win one of four in B.C.

    The University of Winnipeg women’s record went up and the men were demolished in one of their games as the Wesmen faced off two teams last weekend in B.C.

  • Men’s, women’s basketball teams pull off a win each

    The Wesmen Women’s Basketball Team attempted to pick up the slack in their home games against the University of Saskatchewan Huskies on Friday, Jan. 15 and Saturday, Jan. 16 after losing one of their star players.

  • Double header, double winner

    Both Wesmen Volleyball teams defeated the University of Saskatchewan Huskies in their away games Saturday, Jan. 16.