Men’s, women’s basketball teams pull off a win each

Wesmen guard Amy Ogidan skirts around a Saskatchewan player during their game Saturday, Jan. 16. Kelly Morton Photography

The Wesmen Women’s Basketball Team attempted to pick up the slack in their home games against the University of Saskatchewan Huskies on Friday, Jan. 15 and Saturday, Jan. 16 after losing one of their star players.

Fourth-year guard Catie Gooch was out with a concussion until further notice.

Friday was a good start for the Wesmen. During the first quarter, Winnipeg had the upper hand. Alex MacIver started the game with five points, while the Huskies’ Marci Kiselyk returned the favour. At the end of the first quarter the Wesmen had a short lead of 13-10.

It was a different story coming into the second quarter. Saskatchewan was the victor in this quarter and throughout the rest of the game. The Huskies took a large lead of 26-12.

During the third quarter, Winnipeg got the first point and, with the help of Kaitlin Rempel, the Wesmen came within a nine-point difference. Randie Gibson of the Wesmen gave a crowd pleaser during the last minute of the third, but Saskatchewan still kept the lead, finishing 47-39.

In a heavy panic throughout the fourth, the Wesmen couldn’t catch up, and Saskatchewan won with a final score of 62-46.

Saturday brought a different atmosphere for the women. Randie Gibson and Jessica Stromberg carried the majority of the points for the Wesmen, earning 14 and 13 respectively.

The Winnipeg Wesmen took the cake home that night, beating the Huskies 69-52.

The men’s games went similarly.

Husky Showron Glover had the high score with 29 points altogether for the evening.

During first-quarter action, the Wesmen lost the first basket to Huskies’ Chris Unsworth. The Wesmen kept their defence tight throughout the first quarter and ended with a 15-10 lead over Saskatchewan.

A couple of decent dunks in the third quarter fueled a rowdy crowd, starting with Saskatchewan’s Michael Lieffers and then Wesmen’s Eric Zimmerman.

The Wesmen lost the lead long before the fourth quarter began. Both teams kept strong until the end and played an all around competitive game. The Wesmen won 71-55.

The men’s second game was played in a very quiet court. The Wesmen carried on through the first quarter and held a 14-11 lead.

Come the second, fans were getting antsy with the crowd’s silence. One voice that made it to the front echoed, “This place feels like a tomb.”

The Huskies beat the Wesmen 94-57.

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