Que sera sera

Unfortunately for the Wesmen Women’s Basketball team, their playoff run came to a close this past Thursday, Feb. 25 and Friday, Feb. 26. The Simon Fraser University Clan quickly took leads in both games and eliminated the Wesmen easily and painfully.

Due to the Olympics being in town, it was an average-sized crowd that showed up at the university in Burnaby, B.C. to watch the games. Yet, even lacking a large crowd of screaming fans, the Clans still had the home advantage.

Kate Hole from the Clans laid on the pressure and pushed the Wesmen to work hard in both games

Winnipeg’s Catie Gooch proved to be a season leader for the Wesmen, but it wasn’t enough in their final games.

The first game of the series on Thursday night ended with the Wesmen losing 87 to 54. True to form, the Wesmen Women’s team commenced their game with a great amount of energy and determination, but slowed down their pace by the third quarter.

Simon Fraser kept a tight offense during both games and dominated the court with countless unanswered baskets, allowing the Clans to maintain a strong lead over the Wesmen, which eventually sent the Wesmen Women’s Basketball team packing up to go home with a sad end to their season.

Published in Volume 64, Number 21 of The Uniter (March 4, 2010)

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