Volume 64, Number 21

Published March 4, 2010

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  • Social media

    How has social media affected your life?

  • Fashion Streeter

    We dress for world peace.
  • More than just a couple of crepes

    This cute, creative little creperie is the brainchild of two young Winnipeg women, Candy Lam and Erin Kroeker.

  • A guide to cholesterol alternatives

    For the majority of us, fats are not something that we need to consciously include in our diet.

  • Attachment issues

    A few weeks ago, my Internet and cable service provider stopped calling me and it really freaked me out.

  • Ask Kathleen

    The Uniter’s resident fashion fanatic answers your questions about clothes

  • This one belongs at the Oscars

    On every year’s Best Picture Oscar list there are films which obviously belong and films which do not. With the change in rules this year to 10 nominees, there are far more of the latter than in previous years. Thankfully, Lee Daniels’ film Precious is decidedly the former.

  • An endearing look Back

    The set of the world premiere of Looking Back – West at the MTC Warehouse Theatre is striking to say the least. A large war monument in the centre of the stage is framed by two simple picnic benches against a backdrop of screens portraying the peaceful greenery of New York City’s Madison Square Park. This human construction of nature, along with the contrast between the intimidating monument and the quiet park, dominates the themes throughout Robert Lewis Vaughan’s bittersweet play.

  • Theatre of the impressed

    Three years ago, 26-year-old playwright and University of Winnipeg graduate Daniel Thau-Eleff boldly took the stage in Winnipeg and presented a challenge.

  • It’s like The Deer Hunter, but sexy

    There’s always a rush in spinning a roulette wheel, banking on odds governed only by the sheer will of the fates. Chatroulette takes that thrill and offers a strangely voyeuristic web experience.

  • Devine correspondence

    Toronto-based artist Bonnie Devine takes a multidisciplinary approach to her work. She is a member of the Serpent River First Nation of Northern Ontario (Ojibwa). She acts as writer, curator, photographer and new media and visual artist, creating contemporary works which focus on aboriginal heritage and culture.

  • Distracted by life

    It’s been close to three years since acclaimed local roots outfit Nathan released Key Principles and snagged a Juno award for its tender, haunting melodies. These days, the band can be seen playing large festivals in Australia, various gigs around town and even the upcoming Paralympics.

  • The Pack A.D. - Crazy

    This first single from the Vancouver duo The Pack A.D.‘s upcoming third album, We Kill Computers, packs a real wallop.

  • MUTINY WITHIN - Mutiny Within

    “The future of metal has arrived” is loudly proclaimed on the cover sticker of this New Jersey-born metal band.

  • JENNY WHITELEY - Forgive or Forget

    Forgive or Forget is a fairly standard, cutesy, bluegrass/country album, comparable to Sarah Harmer.

  • THE IDGETS - New Is The New Old

    On the follow-up to their 2007 debut EP Come On, The Idgets return with a collection of 10 rock songs that are radio-ready, if not terribly inventive.

  • TODD HUNTER - Star

    Recorded over the course of a year, one Monday evening at a time, Star is the solo debut from local pop singer-songwriter Todd Hunter.

  • Unpretentious, unfiltered and goofy

    When the news came that one half of the instrumental math tech-funk quartet Red Blanket had released a rap record, many fans may have been a little wary.

  • I bet this turnip can get more fans than any print article

    It’s exciting to see really big numbers. Just look: 514,989,150, 976.43. That’s the amount, in dollars, of the Canadian national debt according to the Canadian Taxpayer Federation on Sunday, Feb. 28, 2010.

  • Stupidity in the cyber-age

    Once, in elementary school, a friend of mine was sitting by himself in a corner of the playground pouting. I walked over and asked what was wrong.

  • A brief history of time-wasting

    As it turns out, our current dependence on social networking is just another thing you can thank the ‘70s for

  • Politicians use social media to advertise, educate

    What do Stephen Harper, Greg Selinger and Karl Rove have in common?

  • Is Facebook the new spitball?

    It must be discouraging to give a lecture to a bunch of students who are plugged into Facebook or Twitter and not paying attention. And while one may assume that professors would completely despise such social networking sites and blame them for cultivating a crop of lazy students, this is not necessarily the case.

  • Navigating Web 2.0

    What did I do before YouTube?

  • Report: High media usage correlated with low levels of happiness in teens

    Sarah-Kate Salmon, 17, readily admits she spends a large part of her day attached to her cellphone – yet she’s terrified of talking on it.

  • Re: “Christianity in 2010: Who cares?” (Feb. 25, page 7)

    Though I can see Ethan’s counter-arguments as valid, he’s missing the point: Loving one another. It’s obvious many Christians in history have dropped the ball – we all know that.  And to state which ones have dropped it the hardest is irrelevant. We will always have people doing stupid things – Jimmy Swaggart is no exception.

  • Re: “Christianity in 2010: Who cares?” (Feb. 25, page 7)

    Knowledge is when we see and “understand” words on paper. It becomes wisdom when the words are embodied; when we practice the teachings in our daily lives. A friend told me this once.

  • Re: “The clarity of separating church and state” (Feb. 25, page 8)

    I appreciate Alex Garcia taking the time to read and respond to my article (“The ambiguity of separating church and state,” Feb. 11, page 8), and for offering his insights.  I would like to clarify a couple of points I made that evidently were misinterpreted.

  • Same old song and dance

    The City of Winnipeg released its 2010 preliminary operating budget on Tuesday, Feb. 16. To no one’s surprise, it holds the line on property taxes for the 13th year in a row. In fact, during Mayor Glen Murray’s term, there was a slight decrease in property taxes.

  • Christianity in 2010: Who cares?

    Part 2 of a 3 part series:

    Christianity was in the news this month when it was reported that Youth for Christ, an evangelical social-service organization, plans to build a $11-million youth centre at the northwest corner of Main Street and Higgins Avenue.

  • Que sera sera

    Unfortunately for the Wesmen Women’s Basketball team, their playoff run came to a close this past Thursday, Feb. 25 and Friday, Feb. 26. The Simon Fraser University Clan quickly took leads in both games and eliminated the Wesmen easily and painfully.

  • Campus News Briefs

    CKUW exceeded fundraising goal; New joint programs; Wesmen Women Volleyball players recieve honours; Faculty of Business and Economics open house; Tuition tax deduction form has new process

  • The Wesmen Men gave it their all

    It was an easier win for the Trinity Western University Spartans Men’s Volleyball team than in their past games against the Wesmen Men’s team at the playoffs on Feb. 25-27.

  • From provost to president

    Becoming a university president was never something Brian Stevenson aspired to do. But as of Aug. 1, 2010, University of Winnipeg’s outgoing provost and vice-president (academic) will become president of Lakehead University in Thunder Bay.

  • Mind over muscle

    As the nation watched Canadians collect medals in Vancouver, a trio of former Olympians were mentally preparing the next batch of podium-climbing hopefuls.

  • International News Briefs

    Monastery offers weekend positions; Women-only bathrooms offered on airline; Two Sikhs beheaded in Pakistan; French paying to be kidnapped; Desert aquarium revealing cracks

  • Local News Briefs

    Dragons’ Den auditions to hit Winnipeg; GoTravel goes under, leaving Winnipeggers without vacation; Manitoba throws Olympic-sized party in Vancouver; Fireball streaks sky over Manitoba; Canada bests U.S. and Mexico in property rights

  • Citizens against police brutality

    Winnipeg Copwatch, a non-profit and volunteer-based organization that works to stop police violence in Winnipeg, have planned a series of events surrounding the March 15 International Day Against Police Brutality. Copwatch has scheduled a march from Selkirk Avenue to the Magnus Eliason Recreation Centre to be held on Saturday, March 13 at noon in solidarity with the victims of police brutality.

  • Insite in Winnipeg: To be or not to be…

    The only safe-injection site in Canada is still up and running but no one knows for how long. Meanwhile, the debate over whether Winnipeg would benefit from such a site continues.

  • Cold canvass for a cause

    No one likes standing in the cold when it’s -30 C and frostbite is nipping away at your nose. But for people like Justin Lecocq and Sabrina Deforest, two canvassers for the Western Canada Wilderness Committee, the biting cold is a harsh reality they face each day.