Social media

  • Garret Harman, lifeguard/swim instructor, Selkirk Community Pool

    I don’t really use any [social networking sites] except Hotmail for communication for work. Facebook stalkers scare me.

  • Olga Oliynyk, third-year, sociology

    [Social networking sites] bring people together, but face encounters disappear. There’s online dating and people spend more time online.

  • Dylan Gyles, third-year, theatre and film

    It’s made meeting people a lot easier. I’ve cut down the amount of phone calls I make by about 75 per cent.

  • Felix Martinez, lab technician, University of Winnipeg

    It affects me in many aspects. It changes the way I eat, they way I dress. For me, everything has to be visual. You tend to buy what you see. I see things on the Internet that could be healthy for me ... so I try it.

  • Kurt Stephan, third-year, geography

    [Social media] revolutionized global communication. We can access people all around the world at an instantaneous speed. At the same time, it’s almost concerning because it’s controlled by multi-national groups and allows them to target specific groups with advertising.

  • Delaney Huybers, Collegiate student, University of Winnipeg

    It [connects] you to people all over the world, which wasn’t possible five years ago.

Published in Volume 64, Number 21 of The Uniter (March 4, 2010)

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