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    July 4 - 9 Various churches around Winnipeg $20-25 per concert; $5-$10 for students; $30 for gala final concert

  • More music this week

    More music this week

  • Five days of folk music in July

    When the lineup for the 2011 Winnipeg Folk Festival was announced, standout acts included k.d. Lang, Blue Rodeo and an acoustic set by Tegan and Sara, leading some to believe the festival was catering to its older, committed attendees.

  • Opera and garage rock, together at last

    Just home from Toronto’s North by Northeast Music Festival, This Hisses played Old Market Square on June 18 to kick-off the Winnipeg Jazz Festival and have had a busy weekend touring their haunting surf sound – a genre that became the name of their upcoming debut album, Surf Noir.

  • Burrito del Rio serves convenient, quick Mexican cuisine in the Village

    Just off Osborne, hidden behind the Gas Station Theatre, Burrito del Rio greets you with neon words on a sign, reading: “Tacos – Burritos – Cerveja” – which is great because the restaurant lets you know it has a liquor licence as you walk by, but keeps the secret from those without elementary Spanish.

  • Garage rock and cupcakes

    The four-woman garage rockers and whale (or sea cave) enthusiasts in The Blowholes have been keeping a particularly low profile for a band set to release their self-titled debut album.

  • The Lucky Ones

    The Booze Sessions by The Lucky Ones came with a press release including a quote from band front man Steve Stumble: “I recorded this when I was hammered in just one take!”.

  • More music this week

    More music this week

  • More music this week

    More music this week

  • Not stiff, or stuffy, but very vibrant

    Winnipeg’s international writers festival, Thin Air, is returning and will be sprawling out across Winnipeg bookstores, libraries and campuses once again.

  • More music this week

    More music this week


    More music this week

  • Recommend and repeat

    Once known as The Common Ground, the restaurant at 79 Sherbrook St. has undergone significant changes and is now Boon Burger.

  • More instruments, more experiments

    If you like SitDownTracy, you may not be as familiar with them as you think. After three years and an EP titled Roaring Noon, the group is upping the ante with a new EP.

  • More music this week

    More music this week

  • Successful beginnings from the Winnipeg Film Group

    In 1974, the idea of a Winnipeg film co-operative served as the spark for the still-running Winnipeg Film Group. Beginnings 1976 – 1983 documents standout short films from the early years of the film group.

  • Think twice before you ‘like’ this article

    New features such as the “like” option are popping up on the social networking website, Facebook and are being used immediately by millions of users. But who exactly are users telling what they like? If they think it’s just their “friends,” they’re mistaken.

  • Volunteering at Manitoba festivals an excellent experience for participants

    Festivals need volunteers in order to run smoothly; this is especially true of Manitoba’s summer, when the majority of the year’s festivals are packed into a few short months.

  • Winnipeg’s transportation system

    How would you rate Winnipeg’s transportation system?

  • Cutting corners around town

    When it comes to driving a vehicle, getting around the city efficiently is something many drivers strive to do. But they don’t often achieve their goal, according to the city’s professional drivers.

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