THE IDGETS - New Is The New Old

On the follow-up to their 2007 debut EP Come On, The Idgets return with a collection of 10 rock songs that are radio-ready, if not terribly inventive. Shawn Bergen should be commended for not only writing all the songs, singing all the vocals and playing almost all of the guitar and bass tracks, but also for producing, recording and mixing the disc. It’s hard to tell which hat he wears best; this is one I-did-almost-everything-myself recording that stands head and shoulders above most others. But ultimately, there’s not much here rock fans won’t have heard before. Other than It’s All True (Except the Facts) – a killer track that I can’t get out of my head – it’s hard to get excited about New Is The New Old.

Published in Volume 64, Number 21 of The Uniter (March 4, 2010)

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