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  • Free WiFi throughout the city

    The question isn’t why - the question is, why not? An effective free WiFi Internet access system throughout the city would help businesses, residents and visitors alike.

  • Moving forward and promoting healthy community

    Winnipeg singer-songwriter Rob Waddell remembers his very first time playing to an audience. It was a two-song performance some five-and-a-half years ago during an open mic night at what was then the Academy.

  • West Broadway’s coffee connoisseurs

    Graham Bargen recalls what his friend and business partner, TJ Hiebert, told him a year-and-a-half ago when the pair started throwing around the idea of starting either their own pub or coffee shop.

  • Band of brothers

    Joey Landreth, lead singer and guitarist for new Winnipeg rock trio The Bros. Landreth, is in the recording studio working on the band’s debut album when The Uniter calls.

  • A darkly cinematic new aesthetic

    Congratulations - you’ve stopped looking at This Hisses drummer JP Perron’s moustache in the above photo long enough to read this article. We couldn’t blame you if you stopped reading right now to keep looking at it, though.

  • Klachefsky and Boats and Hall and Oates?

    Last March, local indie pop weirdos Boats released a video of themselves recording their new album. Perhaps the most compelling footage shows lead singer/guitarist Mat Klachefsky decked out in gloves, safety goggles and a helmet, smashing a guitar with a hammer in order to get the desired sound for that particular part of the album.

  • Sarah Neufeld’s string theory

    As people around the world eagerly anticipate the new album from critically-acclaimed Montreal indie rock band Arcade Fire, Winnipeg music fans will have the opportunity to see the group’s violinist, Sarah Neufeld, in concert this week.

  • Don’t let the bed bugs bite

    Don’t panic. That’s what James Lyons wants anyone who finds bed bugs in their home to know.

  • Get up out of your chair

    If you want to make 2013 your healthiest year ever, A.J. Jacobs has some advice for you: Stop sitting.

  • The 2012 Uniter 30

    What does it take to create change? What does excellence look like?

  • More music this week

    More music this week

  • A man for all seasons

    Jordan Klassen’s sound has been compared to Sufjan Stevens and The Shins, and while those artists may have influenced his work, he names a more surprising inspiration for his newer material. “It’s actually quite inspired by a lot of Disney animated movie soundtracks.”

  • You won’t regret trying one of his songs

    There’s an old drummer joke that goes like this: What’s the last thing a drummer says in a band? “Hey, how about we try one of my songs?” That joke does not apply to local jazz drummer Curtis Nowosad.

  • Writing home

    In the past 11 years, local writer Michelle Elrick has lived in 16 different postal zones in Canada and she’s travelled through the East Coast as well as all over Europe. Perhaps it’s no surprise, then, that her latest project explores the question that has plagued her since childhood: What is home?

  • Help The Uniter choose the 2012 Uniter 30

    We are currently planning the 2012 edition and we want your input.

  • Madchild: Done with the sickness

    If you’re anything like this writer, when you think of Canadian hip-hop artist Shane Bunting, a.k.a. Madchild, you think of him the way he appeared in the video for Steppin’ Thru, the 2002 hit single by his acclaimed group Swollen Members: standing poolside in the summertime, tufts of blonde hair spilling out from under his ball cap, the sun shining down on him as he spits rhymes without a care in the world.

  • ‘What’s a Tim Hortons?’

    Since first making their mark with the underground hit Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell - a three-minute song that consists almost entirely of the refrain, “I’m at the Pizza Hut / I’m at the Taco Bell / I’m at the combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell” - New York trio Das Racist have made a name for themselves with their unique brand of hip hop.

  • ‘A moment of sheer and utter insanity’

    Talk about doing it yourself. For her latest album, Hush, Winnipeg expat and current Montreal resident Jenn Mierau not only wrote and recorded all the music herself, she also created the album artwork by rug-hooking a 14,400-stitch self-portrait.

  • ‘Winnipeggers must be tough motherfuckers’

    Buzz Osborne is excited to return to Canada with his band, legendary sludge-metal weirdos the Melvins.

  • CrossFit: The controversial training method and the Winnipeg community that swears by it

    It’s not uncommon for friends who haven’t seen Rob Koske in a few months to walk right past him. He’s lost so much weight, they don’t even recognize him.

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