Re: “Christianity in 2010: Who cares?” (Feb. 25, page 7)

In response to Christianity in 2010: Who cares?, published February, 24, 2010.

Though I can see Ethan’s counter-arguments as valid, he’s missing the point: Loving one another. It’s obvious many Christians in history have dropped the ball – we all know that.  And to state which ones have dropped it the hardest is irrelevant. We will always have people doing stupid things – Jimmy Swaggart is no exception.

I am a lover of Jesus, plain and simple. You can take “Christian” out of the equation altogether. All Jesus asks is for us to follow Him and to love one another. He didn’t say hate homosexuals or alienate pregnant teens at Planned Parenthood. He was about getting to the broken people and helping them, feeding the poor, taking care of your neighbour and treating others as you want to be treated.

I was an atheist for 25 years. I wanted nothing to do with religion. I saw all the terrible things so many Christians had done, all in the name of God.

But one day God started talking to me, and when I listened, I learned that He was not responsible for the things people had done in His name; they were.

I implore everyone to personally consider the man, on your own terms, before the considering the things people have done to give “Christianity” a bad taste.

– Amy Middleton

Published in Volume 64, Number 21 of The Uniter (March 4, 2010)