Basketball players go from green to red

Two new recruits for Wesmen Women’s Basketball

Tanya McKay, head coach of the Wesmen Women’s Basketball team.

The University of Winnipeg’s Wesmen Women’s Basketball Team has recruited two new players from the Vincent Massey Trojans. Stephanie Kleysen and Ashleigh Chichlowski have been two key players for the Trojans this season.

The team only lost one game this entire season, including the playoffs.

Head coach Stacy Hawash, who has coached Kleysen and Chichlowski for the past three years, couldn’t be more proud of her team.

“Our season was great, 29-1. Our only loss was to Oak Park in the final of the first tournament, Pembina Trails Classic. The players worked hard all season, pushing each other to reach our goal of the provincial final. Winning it was the topper to an outstanding season and great for the group of girls,” she said.

It was apparent there were no doubts in the minds of the fans that the Vincent Massey Girls team would beat out Oak Park for the championship. But during the final game against Oak Park on Saturday, March 20, both teams were in a panic over the end score. In front of 2,300 fans and supporters at the University of Manitoba, Vincent Massey beat Oak Park by one point. A 63-62 win kept friends and family of both teams on the edge of their seats.

Stephanie and Ashleigh are both hardworking players. It’s great that they get the opportunity to play at the next level.

Stacy Hawash, heach coach,  Vincent Massey Trojans

It was no wonder why Stephanie Kleysen and Ashleigh Chichlowski were being closely scoped out by the Winnipeg Wesmen scouts.

Hawash is excited to see two of her top players moving up.

“Stephanie and Ashleigh are both hardworking players. It’s great that they get the opportunity to play at the next level. They are both great people on and off the floor, willing to help others and especially teammates with what needs to be done,” she said.

Hawash thinks both Kleysen and Chichlowski are great team players.

“On the court, Stephanie was a captain and lead the team with her play at both ends of the court. She loves to play defense and create fast-break opportunities for the team on the offensive end. She is our rebounding leader at the defensive and offensive ends. Offensively, she takes it hard to the hole and has been working on the outside shooting,” said Hawash.

“Ashleigh is our force inside on defense. She can play big inside and block shots and rebound strong. Offensively, she can post up strong or shoot the three. This allows us the opportunity to stretch the defensive teams,” she added.

The signing couldn’t have come at a better time, according to Wesmen head coach Tanya McKay, since the Wesmen said goodbye to some veterans this past season.

“(Kleysen and Chichlowski are) two very good athletes and basketball players,” she said by e-mail. “(They) will make an immediate impact with our university team next season.”

Chichlowski and Kleysen have now turned in their green Vincent Massey jerseys for the brighter Wesmen red.

Published in Volume 64, Number 25 of The Uniter (April 1, 2010)

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