Duff has the stuff

Andrew Town of the Wesmen goes up against two U of M Bison players. Clayton Winter

The Wesmen Women’s Volleyball Team headed off against the Manitoba Bisons on Feb. 3, both teams looking for the win to get the playoff spot.

The young, spunky Wesmen took the court with fists of fury at the start of the first set, while the Bisons looked sluggish. The Wesmen’s Ariel Smith reached a 12-dig record midway through the first set, but soon the Wesmen began to lose momentum.

What first looked like a promising game for the Wesmen soon changed to a clawing fight for the first set. The teams were neck and neck when Sonya Rossi dug the ball and gave the Wesmen one more chance to stay in the game.

Both teams showed endurance and fire, but Manitoba won the first set.

The following sets were a mix of netted serves and awkward digs leading into the stands. The Manitoba Bisons won a shut out, and a clearer view of the playoff spot.

The Wesmen men lined up against their ardent, trash-talking rivals the Bisons. The match got off to a slow beginning.

The Wesmen lost their first set to a score of 25-13 on home turf, giving the Bisons quicker feet.

Justin Duff, with incredible digs and kills throughout the evening, helped a great deal in bringing his team back, along with Andrew Town. The sets were extremely close, but played with little enthusiasm, despite the words being uttered between both teams on the court.

The fourth set is when both teams picked up their heels. The gameplay had immense persistence and consistency, as the teams played before a crowd of over 700.

The Wesmen won the night 3 – 1. The Bisons will have to win both games next week to ensure a place in the playoffs.

Published in Volume 64, Number 19 of The Uniter (February 11, 2010)

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