One down, one up

Winnipeg Wesmen Women’s Volleyball action kicked off Friday, Jan. 29 in British Columbia at Simon Fraser University (SFU). The Clan and Wesmen headed off in a panic room of five sets. Sonia Rossy and Ariel Smith of the Wesmen led their team with a combined 30 kills, while SFU’s Colleen Douville and KJ Fridfinnson added their combined 25 kills.

The Clan’s Brooke Halvorsen kept a great defence with 17 digs and took the Friday game to a fifth set. The Wesmen lost by five points to SFU in the fifth set.

Danica Hughes and Carleen Kruschel topped the Wesmen’s game with a respectable 18 digs.

This brings the last place Simon Fraser Clan’s record to 2 – 14, with Winnipeg at 5 – 9.

Saturday, Jan. 30, the Wesmen played their second game against the Clan. Sonia Rossy led the team again this evening with 13 kills followed by Ariel Smith with 12 and Lauren Sears with 10. Colleen Douville once again led her team with the match high 22 kills while Brooke Halvorsen once again led her team with 20 digs. Both teams starred players that shined on both nights.

Saturday’s game wasn’t as panicked as Friday’s, with the Wesmen leading early in the match up. There was very tight scoring and Simon Fraser almost pushed a fourth set. The Wesmen fought a hard away game and came out with a notch on their game post. The sets: 26 – 24, 25 – 23, 20 – 25, 25 – 16.

The Wesmen headed back home and played the University of Manitoba Bisons Wednesday night. The Duckworth Centre will host the University of Regina Cougars Friday and Saturday, Feb. 5 and 6.

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