Sad end to hope for the playoffs

The 2ndplace Regina Cougars men’s basketball team beat out the Wesmen team this past Friday, Feb. 5.  Despite the setbacks the Wesmen have encountered this year of losses, they put up an incredible battle and made Regina fight for their victory.

At halftime the Wesmen were trailed 53 to 33, but came back with fighting offenses to end the game with an eight-point trail thanks to help from Wesmen’s Eric Zimmerman and Peter Lomuro who scored 26 and 29 points – season highs. The Regina beat Winnipeg 94 to 86.

Saturday, Feb. 6,  went roughly the same. The Wesmen trailed and kept a tight offense for most of the game. Being pinned up against the 2ndplace Cougars was a tough battle for the Winnipeg boys. Wesmen’s record still lies with no wins and 19 losses. Nick Lother has been the star player for the Wesmen this season – each game he accumulates a large majority of their points and continues to play strong.

The Regina Cougars up their record with this past weekend sweep to 10-8. The Cougars beat the Wesmen 98-78.

The Winnipeg Wesmen Women’s team, Winnipeg’s last hope for basketball playoffs, lost their chance at a championship. They played hard both Friday and Saturday night, but lost both games with close to 10 points differences. 

The Cougars and Wesmen both played very low-scoring games due to both teams having excellent defense. Friday night the Wesmen lost to the Cougars 59 to 68.

Saturday night was a cat-and-mouse chase. It was a sad end to the hope for the playoffs with the Saturday loss to the Regina Cougars. They won 62 to 51.

Published in Volume 64, Number 19 of The Uniter (February 11, 2010)

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