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  • November geese

  • Mercury goes retrograde in Libra

    Do your best to avoid jumping to conclusions or gossiping. 

  • Mercury connects with Saturn

    Mercury connects with Saturn on Thursday, April 7, at 9:37 A.M.

  • Crispy fried mushrooms

    These mushrooms are so flavourful and crunchy!

  • Welcome to Aries season!

    Probing questions bring answers that completely change your understanding as Mercury connects with power planet Pluto on Saturday, March 26, at 5:34 PM. Secrets are shared!

  • There is a full moon in Virgo

    The full moon in Virgo allows us to find the right place for our big ideas. There are beliefs, and then there’s the practice of those beliefs in the material world. This full moon materializes our ideas.

  • Mars meets Pluto on Thursday

    Mars meets Pluto on Thursday, March 3, at 3:43 AM.

  • Pisces season begins on February 18

    Lucky Jupiter and electric Uranus make a supportive connection on February 17, inspiring progress and innovation.

  • Mercury enters Aquarius

    Mercury enters Aquarius on February 14.

  • Mentally, I am here

  • Lil guy

  • Mercury retrograde ends

    Mercury retrograde ends on Thursday, February 3, at 11:12 P.M.

  • Human hibernation

    Comic by Talia Steele

  • Horoscopes

    This weekend’s vibe is spontaneous and funky as the sun clashes with Uranus, the planet of rebellion, on Sunday, January 30, at 2:31 PM. Look out for restlessness!

  • The moon is in virgo tonight

    Mental resilience and patience are themes of Aquarius. It can also be a time of cabin fever, so look for ways to find stability and inner peace.

  • There is a moon in Gemini tonight

    When the planet of communication appears to turn backward in the sky, it can mark a time of frustrating delays, or simply reflection.

  • Cold Weather Things

    A comic by Talia Steele

  • Welcome to Sagittarius season!

    Things get funnier and jollier as the planet of communication, Mercury, enters Sagittarius. We’re all thinking about being festive! Mercury in Sagittarius is bubbly, humorous, and charismatic, and discussions are energetic or perhaps a little lofty.

  • Bakings

    Illustration by Talia Steele

  • There is a full moon in Taurus on Friday

    The energy is high because there’s a full moon eclipse at 3:27 a.m. on Friday. This is the first eclipse in Taurus of the year, and will tell us about what’s happening over the next year of eclipses in Taurus and Scorpio. The full moon in Taurus is always grounding, but the pressure of events involved in eclipses can be too exciting!

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