Welcome to Sagittarius season!


Things get funnier and jollier as the planet of communication, Mercury, enters Sagittarius. We’re all thinking about being festive! Mercury in Sagittarius is bubbly, humorous, and charismatic, and discussions are energetic or perhaps a little lofty.


You’re likely to find yourself wrestling with a frustration or two under Thursday’s skies, Aries. The moon prowls through creativelypotent Leo, encouraging you to share your unique talents on a stage of your own choosing. Luna’s square with changedemanding Uranus and your ruling planet, soldiering Mars, helps you home in on stresses around your finances and intimate relationships that need better management.


Try to keep a low profile under Thursday’s skies, Taurus. You’re in the mood to hole up in the comfort of your home and catch up on some much-needed rest as the moon meanders through self-focused Leo. Luna’s difficult squares with both erratic Uranus and hot-headed Mars are likely to stoke some tensions around freedom and independence on the “me vs. we” relationship front.


As a Gemini, you’re a natural storyteller and communicator. Let yourself reconnect with these natural talents today, as the moon’s presence in show-stopping Leo encourages you to activate your self-expression in a fresh capacity. Luna’s square with insightbringer Uranus and action-taking Mars can stoke frustrations around your health and work/life balance, making it an ideal day to release pent-up energy through exercise.


Wherever the moon goes, you faithfully follow, Cancer. Thursday’s skies find Luna dealing with a variety of stressful aspects, making it likely that you’ll encounter a rollercoaster of feelings to wrestle with. The ambitious Leo moon pushes you to focus on straightening out your finances and activating your latent talents, but her square with change-demanding Uranus and feisty Mars is likely to stoke tensions around long-term aspirations and romantic needs.


Thursday’s cosmic landscape is likely to stoke several tensions for you, Leo. The moon’s presence in your sign intensifies your emotional responses and increases your need to self-protect, making it an ideal day to prioritize your health and actively selfexpress. Luna’s squabble with freedomseeking Uranus and irritable Mars is likely to stir any dormant frustrations existing between your public and private life.


Another day tucked away from the world is in order if you can swing it, Virgo. The moon’s presence in self-care Leo encourages you to acknowledge nagging emotional issues in a private, healing way. Luna’s difficult encounter with both change-demanding Uranus and action-taking Mars makes it a tough day for communication and mental health. Aim to release any pent-up feelings through journaling or creative writing rather than accidentally snapping at someone.


Thursday’s skies push you to seek freedom from that which has become conventional, Libra. The moon roams through lighthearted Leo, encouraging you to reconnect with the friends and community you care about. Yet, Luna finds herself locked into a difficult square with both change-seeking Uranus and irritable Mars, pushing you to embrace a fresh approach to intimacy issues and financial stresses.


Turn your focus towards the current state of your ambitions today, Scorpio. Thursday’s skies push you to untangle any knots cropping up around your future trajectory as the moon dances through ambitious Leo. Luna’s time here is here frustrated by her squares with surprise-bringer Uranus and aggressive Mars, stoking relationship tensions around freedom and independence that need addressing.


As a Sagittarius, it’s in your nature to break out of stagnation and abandon tiresome routines. Let yourself be reminded of that desire today as the moon dances through life-celebrator Leo. The moon finds herself wrangled into two difficult squares with erratic Uranus and self-willed Mars, highlighting underlying tensions and changes to be made around your current work circumstances and anger management.


What’s stirring in the shadows of your heart today, Capricorn? Your messier feelings need some TLC rather than the cold shoulder. The moon’s time in self-concerned Leo encourages you to heal and acknowledge recent intimacy issues. Luna finds herself between a rock and a hard place as she squares off with change-bringer Uranus and hot-headed Mars. These meetings illuminate latent stresses looming beneath the surface around romance, creativity, and goal-setting.


Direct your focus towards the close relationships you cherish in your world, Aquarius. The moon spends the day roaming through your opposite sign of big-hearted Leo, helping you fine tune the give-andtake occurring between you and a special someone. Unfortunately, Luna’s time here is frustrated by a difficult square with both freedom-seeking Uranus and self-focused Mars, highlighting stresses between your public and private life that need addressing.


Once you’re in the zone, no one can stop you, Pisces. You may feel like you have a onetrack mind for tackling your workload and handling overdue errands today as the moon meanders through self-involved Leo. Luna’s presence here is unfortunately complicated by some tough squares to stagnationbreaking Uranus and irritable Mars, highlighting stresses to be acknowledged in your communication style and mental health.

Published in Volume 76, Number 11 of The Uniter (November 25, 2021)