Pisces season begins on February 18


Lucky Jupiter and electric Uranus make a supportive connection on February 17, inspiring progress and innovation.


Your day is poised to be full of surprises, as the Virgo moon shares a sweet connection with Uranus, the cosmic wild card. However, you may not receive such blessings in the form of grandiose signs or gestures from beyond. These vibes are all about details and seeing the beauty that lies within them. Keep your eyes peeled for interesting sights, sounds, and even scents to tap into these subtle delights. As the day comes to a close, Luna blows a kiss to Venus and Mars, helping you reconnect with your passion and a love for the work that you do.


If you’re trying to grow your social media presence, now would be a good time to post something fabulous, as Jupiter and Uranus form a sweet connection in the sky. These vibes are perfect for going viral, so don’t hold back when it comes to showing the world what you’re all about. Just try not to over-invest in the results of anything you share right now, or you could end up throwing off your own mojo, thanks to an opposition between Luna and Jupiter this morning. Try to connect with a divination or spiritual practice this evening, when Luna blows a kiss to your ruling planet, Venus.


You could receive some unexpected recognition at work today, dear Gemini, as Jupiter and Uranus share a supportive aspect in the sky. This newfound notoriety may be hard to swallow at first, but try not to harbor any feelings of self-doubt, as you certainly will have earned such praise! It’ll also be important that you’re taking credit for the work that you’re doing, even if hiding in the shadows feels more tempting. Be sure to toast to your successes this evening, when Luna blows a kiss to Venus and Mars, helping you connect with your personal power and formidable business savvy.


Chance meetings and strange encounters could open up a new world for you today, little Crab, as Jupiter and Uranus exchange good vibes in the sky. Look for ways to expand upon your networking circle right now, as the connections you make could lead to major opportunities in the future. As the day comes to a close, a romantic energy will fill the air as the moon blows a kiss to Venus and Mars, who are currently cosmically entangled. These vibes are perfect for heating things up in the romance department, so be sure to give both yourself and your significant other some extra TLC.


A cosmic kiss between Jupiter and Uranus will bring some serious earning potential your way today, dear Leo, especially if you’re overdue for a raise at work. Don’t sell yourself short within business negotiations right now, or you could end up losing out on money that you didn’t even realize was available. If you’re self-employed or assume contract work, this is also a good time to think about raising your rates. These vibes also suggest that you may be eligible for certain tax benefits that you weren’t aware existed, so you may want to speak with an accountant to see what your filing options look like this year.


The moon travels through your sign today, dear Virgo, adding pep to your step as the world around you seems to brim with life. A helpful connection between Luna and Uranus will perk up your third eye, so you’ll want to be on the lookout for synchronicities and messages from beyond. Unfortunately, the guidance you receive might not totally align with your current path, especially in the romance department. Your heart could begin to show signs that things need to change within your love life, no matter what your current relationship status looks like. Luckily, the vibe will feel much lighter this evening when the moon enters a supportive connection to harmonious Venus.


You could begin to see some serious results in your manifestation game today, dear Libra, as the Virgo moon aspects auspicious Jupiter and revolutionary Uranus. Unfortunately, you may begin to feel internal pressures build as you fight to stay on top of any new responsibilities that coincide with such blessings. Do your best to stay organized and grounded right now, and avoid demanding perfection of yourself. As the day comes to a close, plan on spending the night at home with someone special or opt to work on a creative project, as the moon blows a kiss to sweet Venus and passionate Mars.


You’re blessed with wonderful friends and loved ones, dear Scorpio, and today’s cosmic climate will remind you of just that. A helpful connection between the moon and Uranus could lead to surprising romantic gestures. Meanwhile, your closest friends will continue to bring you joy and laughter, raising your spirits, much like they do every other day. Unfortunately, you could run into issues with some of your extended friends— but only if they’re feeling neglected and have a penchant for drama. Just in case trouble could be brewing outside of your immediate circle, be sure to send a few messages out to your group of extended pals.


Today’s Virgo moon will put you in an organizational headspace, inspiring you to tidy up your workspace, inbox, and calendar. Since you’re prone to going with the flow, you should make the most of these vibes by focusing only on logistics, cleaning up, and taking care of business. Luckily, you’ll have a chance to reward yourself later this evening, when the moon blows a kiss to Venus and Mars. This cosmic climate will illuminate the sector of your chart that rules money and luxury, giving you celestial permission to buy yourself something nice. Just try not to go overboard with the spending.


People will be in the mood to compliment and shower you with attention today, dear Sea-goat, as Jupiter and Uranus share a soft connection in the sky. While you tend to exist on the modest end of the scale, try not to brush off any kind words that are thrown your way, you deserve to hear them. A sacred vibe will come into play later this afternoon, as Luna blows a kiss to Venus and Mars, activating the spiritual center of your solar chart. Take some time out to practice meditation and self-care, as you’re sure to benefit from some majorly therapeutic vibes from beyond.


Missing items or money could suddenly reappear today, dear Aquarius, as Jupiter blows a kiss to Uranus, bringing pleasant surprises to your financial and home life. This is also a great time to invest in property, or at least outline a plan on how you might be able to do so in the future. This evening will bring heavy yet positively transformative vibes your way, as Luna sends some love to sweet Venus and passionate Uranus, activating the sector of your chart that governs the subconscious. Use this energy to cut ties with any people, situations, or habits that are holding you back, as you’re sure to see a high success rate in such practices right now.


Your conversations are likely to take a few strange yet delightful turns today, dear Pisces, as expansive Jupiter blows a kiss to revolutionary Uranus. Your mind will be in the mood to explore under this cosmic climate, though you’ll need to be open to learning new things and experiencing the unknown. Your love life is also set to benefit from these vibes, helping you connect with that special someone in unpredictable ways. This evening will be particularly conducive to taking any new relationships you’re involved into the next level, as the moon enters a supportive connection with romantic Venus and passioninducing Mars.

Published in Volume 76, Number 18 of The Uniter (February 17, 2022)