Mercury goes retrograde in Libra


Do your best to avoid jumping to conclusions or gossiping. On the 10th there will be a Full Moon in Pisces at 2:59 A.M. Use this moment to reflect on whether or not your actions, especially your habitual ones, are healthy and sustainable for your spiritual and emotional health.


Beware of self-fulfilling prophecies, Aries. Between this week‘s Full Moon and the Mercury retrograde, there’s a fair amount of anxiety in the air. Don’t let your pride compel you to defensiveness or disproportionate investment in the narratives of your worries. Do your best to get and stay grounded through whatever discomforts emerge. If you need to work out details, do it from a less activated place.


You’re moving through some pretty deep emotional terrain this week, and it would be easy to slip into anxious thinking as a result. Do your best to notice when you start to intellectualize your emotions in efforts to distance yourself from them. If you can tolerate discomfort, you can do a better job of both identifying what’s making you uncomfortable and resourcing yourself to create more happiness.


If you don’t trust yourself, it’s hard to trust anyone else. This week it may be tempting to chase pleasure when what you really need is to prioritize peace. There are so many distractions, and they’re all likely to be more fun than the self-care you need to focus on right now. Center your inner wellness above all else for at least a little while; it will do you a world of good, Twin Star.


The way that you move through the emotions you’re experiencing is of the utmost importance. Tolerating fear and insecurity or managing threats is stressful to say the least. But you are incredibly capable! This week is meant to test you, and the best that you can do is be true to yourself and considerate of others. Just because it’s difficult doesn’t mean it’s bad, and struggle doesn’t equate to being on the wrong track, Moonchild.


Try not to take on anything new unless you absolutely need to this week. You are going through a lot, and while it’s likely not the worst, it’s also very real. What you need is a bit of space to catch up with yourself so that you can determine your next move. Avoid indulging those knee-jerk reactions! You don’t need to do it all or to be perfect; just find the next best step, Leo.


Not knowing what comes next is like an invitation to collaborate with the universe. Unfortunately, it’s also a common source of anxiety, especially for you, my analytic friend. The Full Moon on the 10th in your relationship house is likely to kick up a lot of emotions. Instead of reacting defensively or squashing your feels, strive to sit with your emotions in order to better understand them. Make the most of your possibilities, Virgo.


As things change it’s tempting to intentionally dig in your heels and resist, even if you really want that change. Full moons are all about letting go, and on the 10th we will be having one that is especially ripe for just that. You don’t need to take on everything all at once, but if you can prioritize being honest with yourself about what is and isn’t working for you, you’ll be exactly where you need to be this week, Libra.


It’s easy to focus on what isn’t working or what you don’t have, but that’s not always helpful. You don’t need to stick your head in the clouds in order to focus on the positive. Strive to put just as much energy into your resources and strengths as you give to your struggles. By dealing directly with your challenges, you will find your greatest strengths, so don’t give up now, Scorpio.


This isn’t the best time to skip over details or assume that everything will just work out as you gloss over it. The big picture is important, but it is made up of so many details! Tend to your insides this week because if you’re in a state of anxiety or overwhelm, it’s hard to resource your gut instincts, or even your common sense. Slow and steady wins the race, Sagittarius.


Getting comfortable with not knowing is hard. This week you’re likely to be confronted by anxiety, but you’re also totally capable of dealing with it — whether you feel ready or not. The things that happen to us do not define us. How we respond to them does. Tap into the most empathetic and patient parts of your heart to make the most of this period, Capricorn.


This isn’t the time for playing it safe, Aquarius. Prioritize the things that spark joy within you because the ripple effect of doing so can produce surprising and powerful results. When your life is driven by the energies of joy and love, you are likely to feel good about yourself, whether you’re experiencing a high or a low period. Doing this may require a sizable shift in perspective, but whatever it takes, it’s worth it.


The Full Moon in your sign on the 10th is a powerful moment for you, Pisces. Now is the time to clarify your boundaries, let go of your attachments, and take steps to make your life more your own. You may find that others are having a hard time adjusting to the ways in which you’ve changed, and that’s okay. Try not to take it personally, as people respond to change in different ways. Point yourself in the right direction, and have faith from there.

Published in Volume 77, Number 01 of The Uniter (September 8, 2022)

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