There is a full moon in Taurus on Friday


The energy is high because there’s a full moon eclipse at 3:27 a.m. on Friday. This is the first eclipse in Taurus of the year, and will tell us about what’s happening over the next year of eclipses in Taurus and Scorpio. The full moon in Taurus is always grounding, but the pressure of events involved in eclipses can be too exciting!


The changes just don’t stop coming this week, Aries. Let yourself lean into what needs to be adjusted on the career front as value-defining Venus forms a supportive connection with change-encouraging Uranus. Elsewhere, messenger Mercury locks into a dreamy alignment with mystifying Neptune, offering up inspired, poetic self-expression but making it hard to focus on the details of hard and fast reality.


As a Taurus, you glean cosmic guidance from the enchanting planet Venus. Thursday’s skies find Venus leaning into a need for change and revolution as she reaches out to stagnationbreaking Uranus. This smooth pairing offers you the chance to breathe fresh life into your self-expression and embark on invigorating travel or educational plans. Elsewhere, messenger Mercury meets up with sleepy Neptune, offering healing conversations on the partnership front.


Don’t be surprised if you’re feeling run down and zoned out, Gemini. Your ruling planet, messenger Mercury, finds itself floating out to sea with reality-dissolving Neptune today. This imaginative pairing offers you ample room to get creative and pull inspiration from the ether, but it can also intensify tiredness and lower boundaries. Elsewhere, lover Venus’ meet-up with erratic Uranus offers spontaneity and welcome change to close relationships.


Embrace the sweetness flooding in under Thursday’s skies, Cancer. Communicative Mercury forms a supportive connection with visionary Neptune, making it easy to tap into a well of inspiration and apply it towards your own creative projects. At the same time, magnetic Venus forms a supportive connection with electric Uranus, breathing fresh life into your relationship story and making it sparkle.


Changes are seeping in from all sides, Leo. Let yourself embrace them with ease today as value-defining Venus forms a supportive connection with electric Uranus. This radiant pairing works to break up any stagnant blockages looming around your craft and career. Meanwhile, expressive Mercury enjoys a sweet connection with inspired Neptune, offering healing conversations around family matters.


Lean into the romantic haze you’re picking up on today, Virgo. Your ruling planet, messenger Mercury, finds itself caught in an intoxicating connection with ethereal Neptune. This sweet pairing offers heaps of inspiration to apply towards creative writing projects and offers healing energy for gentle relationship talks while also lowering energy levels. Elsewhere, magnetic Venus aligns with electric Uranus, bringing spontaneity into your romantic life.


As a Libra, you answer to the glimmering goddess of love, Venus. Thursday’s skies find Venus in an enchanting connection with stagnation-breaking Uranus, offering you a steady stream of uninhibited energy and dazzling charisma. This electric pairing makes it easy to breathe fresh life into any stuck relationship issues, as it encourages independence and seeking out space. Elsewhere, messenger Mercury links up with visionary Neptune, offering creative insights to employ on the work front.


Thursday’s skies act as a healing balm after yesterday’s excitement, Scorpio. Magnetic Venus locks into a supportive connection with change-demanding Uranus, making it easy to break up stagnant relationship issues via sitting down for important conversations. Elsewhere, expressive Mercury links up with dreamy Neptune, giving you a poetic charm and inspired vision to apply towards romancing and creating.


Lean into the lucid dream state being offered up under Thursday’s skies, Sagittarius. Mental Mercury finds itself out to sea, as it forms a supportive link with inspired Neptune. This pairing is ideal for healing conversations and meditative moments, as it offers ample creative visions. Elsewhere, value-setting Venus unites with stagnationbreaking Uranus, offering up a fresh dose of inspired energy to the workplace.


Changes are rolling in from left and right, Capricorn. Allow yourself to make space for them! Magnetic Venus finds herself in a supportive connection with electric Uranus today, delivering a spark of radiant energy to your self-expression. Use this potent pairing to break free from restrictions around your image and confidence. Elsewhere, messenger Mercury’s link with sleepy Neptune creates an inspired fog, one better for dreaming rather than doing.


Thursday’s skies work to smooth things over, Aquarius. Expressive Mercury finds itself drifting out to sea with imaginative Neptune, helping you pull down inspiration from the ether for creative projects on the work front. Refrain from dealing with any detailed work or things that require hard and fast reality. Elsewhere, lover Venus unites with electric Uranus, helping you breathe fresh life into close family relationships.


Let yourself float through Thursday’s skies, Pisces. Messenger Mercury clicks into a supportive connection with dreamy Neptune, imbuing the day with a romantic, foggy haze worth drifting off into. This pairing brings a subtle, inspired charisma to your self-expression, making it an ideal day for creative writing projects. Elsewhere, bond-building Venus meets up with changebringer Uranus, helping to reinvigorate friendships and community connections with fresh, electric energy.

Published in Volume 76, Number 10 of The Uniter (November 18, 2021)

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