The moon is in virgo tonight



The moon moves into Virgo this morning, helping you get back on track if you’ve deviated from your typical routines lately. Just try not to let your social media pages distract, as Luna shares an unbalanced aspect to the Aquarius sun. Try to pace yourself right now even if you’re feeling productive, or your emotions could begin to overwhelm you later in the afternoon when the moon opposes expansive Jupiter. You may start to lose control of your situation from this point forward as the universe continues to throw you off your center. Try not to get upset about things you cannot control, and don’t feel guilty about throwing in the towel. You can always try again tomorrow.


The day could start a little rough, dear Taurus, as the Leo moon enters a harsh t-square with the nodes of fate. Things will feel especially tense within your home and romantic life, but try not to let it hurt your confidence or ambition. If you are struggling and need to focus on yourself, don’t feel bad about backing away from your friends temporarily, as Luna faces off with expansive Jupiter. Piling other people’s problems onto your own won’t serve anyone right now, so make sure you’re setting appropriate boundaries and taking time for yourself.


Your home will feel especially chaotic today, as the Virgo moon makes a series of unbalanced connections in the cosmos. This issue could feel especially problematic if you work from home, so you may need to focus on tidying up your space to counter these effects. You will also notice that your housemates are more temperamental or high-strung than usual, especially if they feel crowded within their space. Try to create quiet for yourself by implementing boundaries with the people you cohabitate with, and send any fussy kids out into the backyard so that they can blow off some steam.


Though you’ll be in a communicative mood today, you may have a hard time organizing your thoughts as the Virgo moon hits a few bumps in the sky. These vibes could make it difficult for you to connect with your loved ones on a deep level, creating the illusion of distance. Don’t despair if your nearest and dearest feel far away right now. This energy is fleeting and won’t last more than a day. Rather than stressing over how to connect with the people you care about, focus on nurturing your mind, body, and soul with a meditative walk or relaxing bath.


No matter how cute something is or how badly you want it, avoid spending impulsively right now! As the moon makes its way through Virgo, it will be inundated by a series of wonky or difficult aspects, which are set to hit you on a financial level. Shopping sprees are likely to lead to buyer’s remorse, especially if you don’t research your products first or go overboard and forget your budgetary restrictions. If you’re financially entwined in your relationship, things could get tense over you or your partner’s spending habits later in the afternoon, as the moon faces off with Jupiter.


The moon enters your sign this morning, darling Virgo, but that doesn’t mean you’ll get to breeze through the day. As Luna moves through the sky, she will encounter issues with the other planets, throwing you off your typical routine. Try not to freak out if things don’t go according to plan right now since a need for control is unlikely to serve you at this time. Give yourself permission to bow out from any social situations or tasks that can be put off for another day, and don’t feel guilty about throwing up your hands and declaring these 24 hours a wash.


There’s no nice way to cut it, dear Libra. Today will be a rough one for you. As the moon makes her way through Virgo, activating the sector of your chart that rules the subconscious, the cosmic waters will get a little choppy. These vibes might trigger insecurities you thought you’d overcome, especially if you’re confronted with awkward memories from the past. It’ll also be important that you avoid judgmental family members or friends right now, so don’t feel guilty if you need to temporarily place your phone on “do not disturb” or take a break from your family text thread.


People might get on your nerves today, little Scorpion, as the Virgo moon puts you in a more critical headspace than you’re used to. Try not to go overboard judging your coworkers or housemates, even if it’s on an internal level. Picking at the flaws of others in your mind or verbally can cause rifts in your relationships will ultimately make you feel more self-conscious about the possibility that others could be looking at you in the same way. If you can manage to escape and carve out some time for yourself, do it! Meditation, grounding, and quiet can help you survive today’s wonky vibes and will prevent you from inadvertently summoning the “evil eye.”


You’re naturally charismatic and gifted at flirting, dear Archer, but today your sparkle will be a force to be reckoned with as the Gemini moon illuminates your seventh house. Your powers of persuasion will be strong right now as you charm your way through each conversation. Just try not to lead anyone on if you’re not truly interested, or you could have a hard time pushing them away in the future. Set aside some time for self-care this evening. Since Mercury goes retrograde today, it’ll be important that you’re nurturing and pampering yourself before the upheaval of this cosmic climate reaches its peak.


If you’ve felt uninspired or trapped in an unhappy situation lately, it could begin to grate on you spiritually as the Virgo moon moves through a series of unpleasant aspects in the sky. Try not to get impatient if your manifestation game or intuition has felt off lately, especially since both Mercury and Venus are currently retrograde. Financial blows and unexpected costs could leave you feeling more hopeless than usual, but try to remember that your bank account will replenish in time. Even if you’ve got money to blow, you should avoid emotional spending right now since it’s unlikely to make you feel better when all is said and done.


You could feel a little frazzled this morning, dear Aquarius, as the moon crosses over into Virgo while forming an unbalanced aspect to the sun. While it’s very possible that you’ve let some work pile up, try not to get too caught up in the stress of what tasks must be completed today, and instead focus on crossing them off your list one at a time. Just remember to check in with your physical needs as you frenzy through the day, and try to be mindful about taking short breaks, even if you’re feeling the pressure of a ticking clock.


Your romantic relationships could get messy today, little Fish, as the Virgo moon travels through the sector of your chart that governs romantic connections. You may feel as though your significant other is hiding something, though these sentiments could be the result of paranoia that stems from old wounds that haven’t been properly dealt with. Try to separate your current partner from the people you dated in the past, but make sure you’re not ignoring red flags either. You may not find a resolution to your concerns right now, but try to trust that you won’t be stuck in limbo forever.

Published in Volume 76, Number 14 of The Uniter (January 20, 2022)