Volume 66, Number 22

Published March 7, 2012

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  • Online privacy

    Vic Toews released an op-ed to many Canadian dailies, including the Winnipeg Free Press, on Feb. 25. He sought, in his words, to clear up “confusion and misunderstanding” around Bill C-30, the rather noxiously named “Protecting Children from Internet Predators Act.”

  • A primer on toilet/smart phone etiquette

    I’ve been talking to a lot of people lately about toilet/smart phone etiquette,  and I’ve come to some very startling conclusions.

  • Prepare to meet your Dhoom!

    St.Dhoom is the latest restaurant to rise from the ashes of a failed predecessor. It replaces an abandoned Pizza Hut on the corner of York and Donald in the city’s core, filling the surrounding streets with tantalizing aromas.

  • An enduring reminder of the joy of live theatre

    Two voices joyfully chant the poem in perfect harmony.

  • Ready, set, read!

    Coming to a new country and starting a life from scratch with only the clothes on your back is a difficult task, and not one that many of us have had to endure.

  • Following the right route

    The University of Winnipeg Students’ Association knows how to throw a party.

  • Resident alien

    Carly Maicher has come out of hiding to play a show in Winnipeg.

  • Road warriors

    Making a living as an artist in Canada can be tough. The country is big, and the population is spread across our grand geography - which makes for a stinkin’ long road trip.

  • Bottoms up!

    B.A. Johnston, who is allegedly named after his mother’s favourite artist, Bryan Adams, refuses to reveal his age for fear of losing his youth market.

  • Why I am a vegan

    Reason #1: It shows respect for animals and lets them live a dignified existence.

  • Reality check on 2012 city operating budget

    Last week, the City of Winnipeg tabled a preliminary operating budget - a spending blueprint for city services - that included a marginal, much delayed and much needed increase in property taxes.

  • Institutionally challenged

    Four and a half years ago I started my university career at the University of Winnipeg. Up until then, I had never heard the word Palestine.

  • Five ways to win a UWSA election

    Want to win the University of Winnipeg Students’ Association election? Great news - you can.

  • Off to the races

    The candidates for this year’s University of Winnipeg Students’ Association general election are officially off to the races, with several important executive positions heavily contested in the lead-up to the March 12 to March 15 voting period.

  • UWSA set to cut costs with upcoming budget

    Several University of Winnipeg Students’ Association services, including Soma Café and Stylus magazine, are set to face cost-cutting changes in the coming year, according to a recently approved student association draft budget.

  • Approved field house means big changes for university and community

    The University of Winnipeg’s Board of Regents approved the construction of the $40 million Field House, Health and Wellness complex at the end of February, weeks earlier than originally planned.

  • Crashing the Party

    A 32-year-old Winnipeg student believes he can bring a new energy to Canadian politics by running for the federal Liberal leadership.

  • ‘As all good scandals go’

    Canada’s robocall controversy continues to twist and turn with Elections Canada now reportedly reviewing more than 31,000 reports of bogus calls made to voters prior to the 2011 election.

  • Group challenges bottled water bans on campus

    Can a YouTube video stop student activism against bottled water?

  • Police walk Winnipeg school hallways

    Winnipeg high school students are a little less likely to think “trouble” when passing by a police officer in the hallway than they once were - probably because school resource officers (SROs) of the Winnipeg Police Service are going a step further to connect with the city’s youth.

  • Gang prevention funding controversy

    Funding for youth gang prevention is in dire need of an increase, the director of a leading inner-city organization says.

  • Peggy Nash: An old school social democrat

    For the last month, the candidates in the federal NDP leadership race have grappled with how to build the party and whether moderating its policies is the answer to success.

  • More music this week

    More music this week

  • The long view and the viewfinder

    Who are you in a room full of faces? A colour? A name? An ideal?


    Opening with the eight-minute epic Up In Flames, this fourth disc from the newest incarnation from former Winnipegger Tyler Shipley’s Consumer Goods is a step in a different direction.

  • Re: “Former employees speak out on Global College” (Feb. 23, page 7)

    It has come to my attention that recent comments in your journal have cast doubt on the health and effectiveness of the University of Winnipeg’s visionary initiative, the Global College.

  • International News Briefs

    Syrian death toll reaches 7,500; North Korea’s small step towards denuclearization; Iranian nuclear bunker no match for MOP; Obama’s contraception policy safe - for now; Google’s new privacy rules a breach of European law: EU

  • Should the federal government dedicate more money to gang prevention?

    Should the federal government dedicate more money to gang prevention?


    Crashing in with the warm warble we all adored from his days in The Inbreds, Mike O’Neill’s This Is Who I Am helps to kick off this power pop gem of a disc.

  • Re: “Former employees speak out on Global College” (Feb. 23, page 7)

    The Uniter’s recent characterization of the Global College’s work environment as “unhealthy” is completely inconsistent with my experience as a founding Director of one of the College’s institutes.

  • Local News Briefs

    Property tax freeze ends; Demolition begins downtown; Gerrard criticized by party members; Bendy buses coming to city?; Water and sewer service costs increase


    B.A. Johnston is back to his gut-splitting ways.

  • Re: “Former employees speak out on Global College” (Feb. 23, page 7)

    I spent more than two hours in two telephone conversations giving information and contact names to your reporter prior to her completion of her article.