Re: “Former employees speak out on Global College” (Feb. 23, page 7)

In response to Former employees speak out on Global College, published February, 22, 2012.

The Uniter’s recent characterization of the Global College’s work environment as “unhealthy” is completely inconsistent with my experience as a founding Director of one of the College’s institutes.

My work with student interns and volunteers has been invariably positive and productive. Discussions with students in the College have led me to believe that they found their work enjoyable and valuable.

For example, yesterday I joined an extremely able young woman in the development of an important aspect of my institute’s summer program. Co-operating as colleagues, we produced a first-rate piece of work.

Staff turnover in the College has been no different than that in any other office in which I worked or which I managed. In the ordinary course of years in any workplace, people come and go, getting sick or getting other jobs. In the one case where staff turnover - an extended sick-leave - affected my institute, Marilou McPhedran stepped in to do the staff work that made the enterprise a great success.

Finally, let me say that Ms. McPhedran is among the most distinguished Canadians appointed in the University of Winnipeg; she regularly does great credit to the instituton.

Had you interviewed me, as was recommended, The Uniter‘s piece would have been more balanced and useful.

Yours faithfully,

Ross McCormack
Director, Institute for Political and Cultural Studies of the Americas
University of Winnipeg

– Ross McCormack, Director, Institute for Political and Cultural Studies of the Americas, University of Winnipeg

Published in Volume 66, Number 22 of The Uniter (March 7, 2012)