Volume 65, Number 5

Published September 30, 2010

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  • Bachelor’s degrees worth more than just the paper they’re written on

    Undergraduate students concerned they may someday need an MA just to serve fries can rest assured that won’t be the case, according to a new report on post-secondary education.

  • This column brought to you by the letter T(ea)

    Most beverages (think smoothies, soft drinks, alcohol and fruit cocktails) contain a lot of calories without much nutritional benefit. Loaded with added sugars, you aren’t doing your body any favours by consuming these kinds of drinks regularly.

  • Fare thee well

    If you are reading this right now, it means that I will have played my last weekly show at Shannon’s Irish Pub.

  • The meaning behind the fashion madness

    “And buying three of these will not even make you a shallow bitch!”

  • With the eyes of a child

    Local artist Reymond Pagé travelled the world for 275 days, going 30,000 miles by plane, boat, train, bus, car, rickshaw, camel and foot. It’s something most of us can only dream of, but Pagé has turned it all into an art exhibit, where the viewer can come along for the ride.

  • New sculptures capture the intimate connection between art and music

    The iconic Winnipeg venue the West End Cultural Centre keeps getting more beautiful with age – this time with a new set of steel sculptures by local artist James Culleton adorning the venerable venue’s façade, tying together the creativity of the space visually.

  • Cameras wield new magic and mystery for Canadian newcomers

    Everyone who has ever been to the Winnipeg Folk Festival has had to listen to self-proclaimed Fest veterans tell their nostalgically self-indulgent tales recounting their first time at the festival.

  • Local ‘artpreneur’ steps back into the studio

    The co-founder and co-owner of Cre8ery gallery and studio, nominee as a Future Leader of Manitoba, Winnipeg Arts Council Award of Distinction winner and a keynote speaker at the Northwestern Ontario Artpreneur Conference – it’s safe to say Jordan Miller has offered much to the Canadian art scene.

  • From hardcore to troubadour

    Matthew Goud is no stranger to Winnipeg.

  • More music this week

    More music this week.

  • Of progress and the tall grass prairie

    In Manitoba, tall grass prairie ecosystems once covered much of the southern third of the province, encompassing 6,000 square kilometers. Less than one per cent of this total remains today.

  • Bridging academia and indigenous environmental philosophy

    During periods of colonization, empires tend to reinforce their knowledge systems over indigenous peoples.

  • Cycling safety not a top-down issue

    Bike lanes are a hot item in Winnipeg. Even though sustainable transportation hasn’t had the role in the civic election campaign that many hoped it would, it is hard to overlook the large amount of money currently being spent on cycling (coupled with pedestrian) infrastructure.

  • The Better Voter Series: Candidacy changes not for the better

    It is interesting to note that there has been more controversy over mayoral nominations than ever before, at least since the creation of Unicity in 1971.

  • Conspiring against a convincing argument

    Dear “new world order” conspiracy believers: please stop preaching divisive propaganda and saying that it reflects the truth of the world.

  • Tuition fees: examined and explained

    Each year students pay their tuition without thinking much about where their money goes.

  • Province plans to attract more international students

    Last week premier Greg Selinger announced changes to Manitoba’s provincial nominee program, encouraging international students, like those at the University of Winnipeg, to work and stay in the province after graduating.

  • Biggest. Deficit. Ever.

    This year, the University of Winnipeg Students’ Association confronts a projected deficit of $167,000 – double what it was two years ago and the biggest UWSA deficit ever.

  • The Better Voter Series: This week on the campaign trail…

    This week on the campaign trail…

  • The Better Voter Series: School trustees raise the stakes of municipal election

    There is more at stake in October’s municipal election than just the cosmetics of city council or who will occupy the mayor’s office.

  • Education grads reaching for their careers

    With a lack of teaching positions within the city, many new teachers are taking work as substitute teachers and moving to remote northern communities to hopefully get their foot in the door.

  • High school dropouts and university graduates with dual degrees mingle at city hall

    As post-secondary educations become increasingly prominent in today’s society, there still remains a mix of educational backgrounds at Winnipeg’s city hall – ranging from those without a high school diploma to those who hold university degrees.

  • Academic achievement not the only requirement for scholarships

    For many students, the trade-off between getting good grades and working to pay for school is a choice they wish they didn’t have to make.

  • Education

    Would somebody’s education level affect how you perceive them?

  • Local musicians embracing digital marketing renaissance

    We are increasingly living in a digital age of PVR, peer-to-peer sharing, social media and flashy gadgetry. With the popularity of pirating music and the new DIY culture, artists are having to find new and creative ways of getting their music out there, and finding new ways of standing out from the crowd.

  • More freedom to learn ... and slack off

    Some school divisions in Manitoba have adopted an unwritten “no-fail” policy, meant to increase graduation rates and motivate students to stay in school. For alternative options like Argyle Alternative High School, there has always been a no-fail policy.

  • Wesmen veteran ready for her final season

    Many athletes strive to play university sports, but few make it that far. Even fewer complete the full five years permitted within a university program. Six-foot-five Wesmen women’s basketball player Alexandria MacIver knows how hard it can be to accomplish this, but is happy she has made it to her final season.


    If you don’t turn off your stereo within the first 20 seconds of FireBonfire’s EP, chances are you’ll find yourself 21 eye-opening minutes later, desperate for more.


    There is nothing wrong with this album, but neither is there anything great about it.


    The Montreal duo known as Chromeo recently dropped their third album, Business Casual.

  • AM Taxi

    Chicago-based punk band AM Taxi recently released their Virgin Records debut titled We Don’t Stand a Chance.


    Two-man band The Disenders really hit the feel-good pop/rock song mark with Fall.

  • Pre-season begins for Wesmen women’s volleyball

    The pre-season has officially begun for the Wesmen women’s volleyball team. Last weekend they headed to Regina and played in their first Canadian Interuniversity Sport (CIS) tournament of the year.

  • Campus News Briefs

    U of W committed to disability student services; Sam vs. Judy – who will win?; Grants of a lifetime awarded to U of W profs for clean-up research; Randy Kobes leaves legacy to U of W undergrads; Wesmen soccer kicks it up a notch

  • International News Briefs

    Dozens of whales die; Former warlord runs for president; Communists mourn an almost-saviour; Vatican Bank under investigation; Ahmadinejad makes inflammatory remarks

  • Local News Briefs

    Taking bike paths to court ; A first for Manitoba: Human trafficking charges laid; Be flu free … for free!; Province protects animals and vets; Save our Seine celebrates 20 years with nearly $20,000

  • Japandroids: Capitalizing on Pitchfork’s praise

    Dave Prowse, drummer and vocalist for Vancouver duo Japandroids, answers the phone from his tour van.

  • Fashion Streeter

    My sister wants to be a fashion designer. She influences me.
  • Re: “A different kind of sponsorship scandal” (Sept. 23, page 7)

    While reading this article, I read the words “Sponsorship scandal” with dismay.