Two-man band The Disenders really hit the feel-good pop/rock song mark with Fall. One of only three songs the band has released, Fall features the clear, striking vocals of Jamie Rowlandson and the drumming talents of Matt Rowlandson. A soft sounding song but one with a lot of heart, it won’t blast through your speakers but will trickle in through your veins as it resonates. The brothers channel early U2 tracks with this song giving it a great sound but one that we’ve heard before. Their other tunes Heat Wave and Hard Times suggest the same. But give these guys a break, they’re new on the music scene and haven’t even completed an album yet. They have a lot of potential to create something groundbreaking, let’s hope they dig deep on their next track and produce something that’s really their own.

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Published in Volume 65, Number 5 of The Uniter (September 30, 2010)

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