Wesmen veteran ready for her final season

Alexandria MacIver. Courtesy Wesmen

Many athletes strive to play university sports, but few make it that far. Even fewer complete the full five years permitted within a university program. Six-foot-five Wesmen women’s basketball player Alexandria MacIver knows how hard it can be to accomplish this, but is happy she has made it to her final season. 

“I have had some ups and downs, and sometimes the road seemed long,” MacIver said, reflecting on her years as a Wesmen. “Every once in a while I needed a reminder that it was for something great, something bigger than myself.”

Throughout her five years, MacIver has experienced a number of different team make-ups. In her second year, she was one of only four returning players. This year, the team lost five players, and gained five rookies.

“It is exciting to see how much the team has changed from my first year to my last year, ” she noted. “I’m excited that we have such a great group of girls this year.”

Looking forward to the season, MacIver feels the team has the potential to make a big impact in the CanWest Region with a mixture of veteran and younger players.

“I think that we have a real shot at doing some damage,” she said.

Regardless of how this season unfolds, MacIver is happy that she played for the Wesmen, and values the friendships she has gained through the experience.

“I’m elated that I’ve been able to play somewhere that feels like a ... community and that I’ve been able to get close to so many different people though basketball,” she said.

Published in Volume 65, Number 5 of The Uniter (September 30, 2010)

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