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  • Unpopular Opinions

    You hear two big things about the Winnipeg music scene: That it is a warm, welcoming place where artists are nurtured and able to grow, with shows every night of the week at world class venues. You also hear that it is incredibly cliquey and that people who are friends with certain people have an unfair advantage.

  • Another fiver

    Margaret Howison - Like a Noise (February)

    Recorded at the legendary Private Ear, this six-song EP from Howison will hopefully host tunes similar to the intimate, campfire-ready tracks that pepper her soundcloud page (think Ruth Moody, Haley Bonar). Catch her release show at The Good Will on February 5.

  • Where are they now?


    This quintet released its debut EP in December. Our reviewer found it reminiscent of late period Death Cab and early Teenage Fanclub, praising its diverse use of vocalists. Catch the band January 24 at The Good Will with Close Talker and ATLAAS.

  • À La Mode

    Local songstress Dominique Lemoine has been making music as À La Mode and with others (Eagle Lake Owls, etc) for years, but this trio of tunes marks the first proper release from her solo project. 

  • Various

    Opening with The Civil Disobedients’ “Car Seat” - a track about a woman murdering her two children - this 14 song comp from local label Elephant Bell is intense, heavy and free on Bandcamp. 

  • The New Wild

    In just four songs, brothers Daniel and Sean Guezen deliver more grit and dirt than a lot of bands do in a whole career.

  • Favourite Local Activist

    When the Falcon descended on last year’s mayoral race he was the fringe candidate who wound up coming in third. All the people I knew that voted for Judy last time around were voting for him, as were a lot of people who had never cast a ballot before. He brought about change simply by speaking to people that most candidates ignored. He also did a Reddit AMA.

  • Favourite Neighbourhood

    I lived in Osborne for a few years (at the Stradavilla, good times) but it was during a time when I couldn’t actually afford to enjoy any of the things the village has to offer.

  • Favourite Night Spot

    When I asked people what they were doing for New Year’s Eve, most people said “staying home,” which is what I’ve done for the last few years. Going out (not just on December 31) means that you a) have to put on clothes and b) talk to people, which is, you know, a lot.

  • Building a community one member at a time

    Wanda Wilson wanted more than a solo project, she wanted to build a community.

  • Collector Studio Underground Sessions - Animal Teeth

    Animal Teeth performs live off the floor at Collector Studio in Winnipeg, Canada.

  • F.P. Tranquilizer & Microdot

    I'm not sure why these two local albums, which exist fine on their own, are delivered here on one disc, but it's okay because it's economical and it all really works together.

  • Vogue Dots

    This four-song EP from New Brunswick chillwave duo Vogue Dots delivers the sad.

  • FINN

    The debut EP from Winnipeg quintet FINN delivers five ultra-clean pop rockers that live somewhere between late-period Death Cab and early Teenage Fanclub. "Father's Chair" and "River's Shore" both have a bit of an edge while playing it safe, blending acoustic guitars with light distortion.

  • Elliott Brood

    Over the last decade, Toronto alt-country trio Elliott Brood has delivered a collection of stirring, dark and layered EPs and LPs that showcase a unique twist on the brand Wilco helped to define in the mid-90s. This, the band’s fourth, is easily the Brood’s catchiest full length.

  • Fish & Bird

    Western Canadian Music Award nominees Fish & Bird deliver that baroque pop meets M. Ward meets nothing special sound on the BC quintet’s latest LP. 

  • Tom Savage

    Kingston, Ontario singer/songwriter Tom Savage delivers some heart-on-his-sleeve acoustic goodness with his latest solo effort.

  • Unpopular Opinions

    Winnipeg, you have a cycling problem.

    Wait, hear me out.

  • Ozconscious

    This five song debut from local sextet Ozconscious is a bit of a mixed bag. 

  • Frazey Ford

    If you’re in the mood for Basia Bulat with a more folked-out twang, or Ohbijou without the oh, then Frazey Ford’s (Be Good Tanyas) latest solo LP will win you over. 

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