Elliott Brood

Work and Love

Over the last decade, Toronto alt-country trio Elliott Brood has delivered a collection of stirring, dark and layered EPs and LPs that showcase a unique twist on the brand Wilco helped to define in the mid-90s. This, the band’s fourth, is easily the Brood’s catchiest full length. The raspy calls of the blistering “Nothing Left” and “Tired” make for exciting moments that would make Matt Mays jealous, while “Taken” and “End of the Day” are pretty and slow, but deliver the same kick. It’s the type of record that could easily break the band onto mainstream radio, and at only nine songs within 33 minutes, it’s the right length to keep your damaged attention. Is it the band’s best? No, but it’s consistent and gloriously produced by CanRock legend Ian Blurton (Weakerthans, Amy Millan). 

Published in Volume 69, Number 11 of The Uniter (November 12, 2014)

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