À La Mode

Perfection Salad

Ever wanted a plate of lovesick summer? Well, Winnipeg’s own À La Mode has the album for you! 

Perfection Salad is an album that glistens as beautifully as the text on the cover. Filled with summery pop songs with a dreamy shine, this melancholic opus is perfect headphone listening for roaming aimlessly. 

“Dreamy Day in July” tells the story of a summer day at the beach, while a cloud of depression looms over the narrator. Lyrics such as “Have you ever wanted to cry but don't understand why?” are beautiful yet deeply sad. The dichotomy of the surfy guitar to somber lyrics in the song creates a unique vibe that is undeniably catchy. 

Early highlight “Ce Sentiment” is the first French song on the album, featuring an explosive pop chorus, icy synths and drums that instantly get stuck in your head. 

The standout of the album, “Total Doom,” is a ridiculously catchy track with poetic, lovelorn lyrics. The song is an anthem for longing that has a very aesthetically pleasing music video. 

Perfection Salad sounds laboured over, covered in ’60s pop bliss with melancholic undertones, which keep it grounded in reality. The album is easy on the ears yet leaves a somber note in the heart and creates a compelling listen.

-Ryan Steel

Published in Volume 71, Number 14 of The Uniter (January 5, 2017)

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