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  • Restless EP - Malcolm-Jay

    Amidst the monsoon-like flood of rap music drops in springtime, a truly vast sum of releases are dropped, resulting from the solidarity of Winnipeg’s bitter cold.

  • II - The Bloodshots

    ‘90s nostalgia is alive and well, judging by the latest outing of Selkirk grunge-revival quartet The Bloodshots.

  • Anchorless - Logan McKillop

    Anchorless (March 2019) is the sophomore album by Logan McKillop, a singer-songwriter from Onanole, Manitoba.

  • Optimal Lifestyles - Pkew Pkew Pkew

    Pkew Pkew Pkew are a rock quartet from Toronto who have etched a name for themselves within their respective scene over their six-year tenure as a group.

  • Patient Hands - Stoic

    There are few things more existentially terrifying than cancer. I imagine it’s near impossible to properly describe the sensation of carrying your death with you always.

  • Jamboree - Island Life

    Jamboree starts their five-track EP Island Life off with sparkling synthesizer sounds and crystal-clear rhodes tones. 

  • Home - House Handshake

    House Handshake presents itself less as a band and more of a tight-knit, makeshift family.

  • If & When - Lana Winterhalt

    Lana Winterhalt’s debut LP If & When is an indie-pop triumph, pushing the singer-songwriter’s vocal power and intelligent, thoughtful musicality to the forefront of the genre.

  • Stand High Patrol - Summer on Mars

    If you follow European music, you may already be familiar with Stand High Patrol. 

  • Hail Taxi - Apart for So Long

    Hail Taxi’s EP Apart for So Long is a hearty mix of folk, electronic and synth-pop all in one bowl of music stew. 

  • The Famous Sandhogs

    The Famous Sandhogs are a band of minstrels with a vast amount of material. Their album Bohonky Tonk, as they describe it, is a Ukrainian rock opera, set during the Khmelnytskyi uprising in 1648.

  • boygenius, boygenius EP

    boygenius had a lot to live up to: namely, the legacies of their own highly established members.

  • KEN Mode, Loved

    Relentless, gut-punching, haunting.

  • Mitten Claps

    With their third album, Mitten Claps prove that it takes two with Can’t Not. 

  • 6lack - East Atlanta Love Letter

    The first time I heard 6lack I was just going through some music I had never heard that was in my music library. 

  • Nipsey Hussle

    On Feb. 16 2018, Nipsey Hussle released his first studio album Victory Lap

  • C. Samms - Synthetic Properties

    At first glance, it’s tempting to classify C. Samms’ Synthetic Properties as a piece of particularly tight, energetic vaporwave – a more tastefully orchestrated strain of the genre birthed from the internet’s neon guts.

  • Ex ├śmerta - Sink In

    Since emerging on the local scene in 2017, Winnipeg’s self-proclaimed bastard rock trio has been making waves, despite not ever having released a major project.

  • Sister Grimace

    Winnipeg artist Sister Grimace, with help from Aaron Funk and Joanne Pollock, delivers a mystic ambient trip with her debut release Exorcise Shorts.

  • Avec Le Soleil Sortant De Sa Bouche

    Avec Le Soleil Sortant De Sa Bouche's thing, other than having an extremely long name, is playing, in their own words, “Kraut-funk,” which is to say that they play trance-inducing, multi-part motorik suites.

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