Sister Grimace

Exorcise Shorts, Independent

Winnipeg artist Sister Grimace, with help from Aaron Funk and Joanne Pollock, delivers a mystic ambient trip with her debut release Exorcise Shorts.

Though this release is comprised of live work and experimentation, each track has its own variety. “Dead yet” and “Grim excalibur" incorporate elements of glitch and ambiance, which build a nice atmosphere that is
noticeable throughout the entire release.

The stand out track here is "Board state," which has a Throbbing Gristle/industrial sound infused in the track that are especially reminiscent of early power electronics.

Exorcise Shorts also includes some uplifting tracks, like “Yoyo pupu” and “March,” shifting the tone and making the mood of the release more uplifting. The tone on the first three tracks is dark, relaxing and cold, as opposed to the warmer tracks towards the end
side of the release.

The only initial concern with the release was the length of each track, but after further listening, each track fits perfectly even with one track being only one second long, and the second-long track isn't a grindcore track, either!

- Caelum Rossell

Published in Volume 73, Number 1 of The Uniter (September 6, 2018)

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