Volume 73, Number 1

Published September 6, 2018

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  • That 70’s campus

    In early September, the buildings that have housed a skeletal crew of university staff (alongside a peppering of faculty and spring/summer students through the warmer months) return to their formerly bustling state.

  • Fresh faces

    With this issue, The Uniter is officially 73 years old. None of us here now were there when it started, but we do have the archives to remind us of our humble roots.

  • Whose House? Chloe and Daniel’s House!

    This castle is relatively new for this Winnipeg power couple.

  • Arts briefs

    Shoot Some 16mm — A 16mm film workshop // Shining Tapestry // Secret Cinema with david Knipe // Prairie Art Book Fair // Ms Pat at Rumor's // Leaving Impressionists at the WAG

  • Sister Grimace

    Winnipeg artist Sister Grimace, with help from Aaron Funk and Joanne Pollock, delivers a mystic ambient trip with her debut release Exorcise Shorts.

  • CRITIPEG: Richly Appointed (Character Studies)

    An artichoke-lidded urn glows on a gold-rimmed glass table nestled in a paisley-striped alcove. Two inverted bell sconces hung above the table begin to look like eyes, and suddenly, a portrait of a square and muted clown emerges.

  • Fat Babes take over the dance floor

    Fat Babes Dance Collective founder Laura Elliott was tired of never seeing fat bodies performing dance in Winnipeg

  • Opening up the stage

    FemFest returns! This September, Sarasvàti Productions' annual festival of feminist theatre is back with an exciting lineup of local and international artists – and a new tagline.

  • News briefs

    Annual Great Rock Climb // Our Place Safe Space fundraiser // Fifth Annual Poutine Cup // Beet Happening to close its doors // Absolutely Fabulous Friday // Refurbished bike sale

  • Outdigenous

    The leaves are changing, the air is getting crisp (when it isn’t smoke from forest fires), and everyone is gearing up to go back to school! Except me. And maybe you?

  • Know your rental rights

    September is a busy month for renters and landlords in Winnipeg, with an influx of out-of-province students, folks returning from summer jobs outside of the city and first-time renters moving out of their childhood homes.

  • Beyond books at the library

    The University of Winnipeg Library is a quaint, quiet place to study. Students can rent books and films for the sake of learning or pleasure. However, the University of Winnipeg Library features some even more obscure resources that could prove extremely useful to students

  • Addiction recovery centre to get major renovation

    The Tamarack Recovery Centre (TRC) is on track for a renovation. Despite some opposition toward recovery centres in urban areas, addiction recovery centres are still an important part of Winnipeg’s urban landscape.

  • Underneath the Star Blanket

    The Helen Betty Osborne Building houses the Wii Chiiwaakanak Learning Centre, a hub of resources that puts Indigenous and inner-city communities in connection with the University of Winnipeg.

  • Excuse my trust issues

    Despite continued efforts for the University of Winnipeg to diversify, the representation of faculty with disabilities remains incredibly low at the University of Winnipeg