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The Bloodshots

‘90s nostalgia is alive and well, judging by the latest outing of Selkirk grunge-revival quartet The Bloodshots.

It’s been nearly six years since their debut record, and the band has taken that time to establish themselves as one of the most sought-after live bands in the province. The list of major acts they have opened for is long and impressive, playing in front of Canadian rock royalty like Finger Eleven, Moist, Jet Set Satellite, Three Days Grace, Econoline Crush, Danko Jones and on and on.

The band has absorbed a lot from their veteran peers and has created a collection of songs that would fit in perfectly on a Much Music playlist in 1998.

Three of the six songs were tracked by producer Steve Rizun in Toronto, who produced the first Bloodshots record. These songs feel like a continuation of what made the first album so good, but also showcase their growth as writers.

The song “Hot” breaks from the ‘90s motif to serve up a sleazy ‘80s rocker and is a highlight of the record. The other three songs are by prominent Manitoba producers Dale Penner, Shawn Dealy and John Paul Peters. Peters’ track “Kill Me Tonight” has that slow-crawling intro guitar riff juxtaposed with a crunchy hook that would work as a single at any rock radio station in North America.

What makes The Bloodshots special isn’t necessarily the notes they play, but how they play them. It’s a band who is passionate, energetic and focused on putting on the best possible show every time they go out.

This record has everything you want to hear from them: grungy guitar licks, screaming vocals and a genuine sense of fun. Let’s just hope fans don’t have to wait six more years until III.

By Ryan Sorensen

Published in Volume 73, Number 23 of The Uniter (March 28, 2019)

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