Volume 73, Number 23

Published March 28, 2019

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  • (Re)presenting Fashion

    Fashion is bought. Style is what’s made with it. Personal style choices and the act of choosing how to present ourselves is that of taking a mutable and intangible thing and visualizing it, making it palpable.

  • The last chapter

    This is it, readers – the final chapter of this year’s regularly scheduled Uniter. 

  • The politics of door staff and DJs

    Who gets invited to the party and who doesn’t isn’t just a middle-school game. It’s a dilemma facing today’s queer community.

  • Arts briefs

    Pet fair! // BIPOC Improv // Acclaimed Swedish film Border finally comes to Winnipeg // Level 16 at Cinematheque // School of Art student show at Platform // Pink Panda’s Pandamensional

  • II - The Bloodshots

    ‘90s nostalgia is alive and well, judging by the latest outing of Selkirk grunge-revival quartet The Bloodshots.

  • Critipeg: Us

    Writer-director Jordan Peele’s 2017 debut feature Get Out was a cultural bombshell on many levels. Previously known for television sketch comedy, Peele’s move to horror auteur probably wasn’t a bet many people were placing.

  • Power moves

    Dance is one of the few professional or recreational activities where it is socially acceptable for total strangers to touch each other. For several local dancers, examining what gender and consent mean in an intimate interaction has become a central part of their practice.

  • Crystal Clear

    As of June 30, 2017, Health Canada approved the first-ever drug for treatment of spinal muscular atrophy (SMA), which is called Spinraza.

  • The Uniter Speaker Series presents Jeff Emtman

    Jeff Emtman started Here Be Monsters seven years ago, in 2012, when he graduated college. Today, there is a team alongside Entman producing the podcast.

  • City briefs

    Honouring our Sisters: A Panel Discussion // Play for Peace // Native North American Writing on Greco-Roman Antiquity // Winnipeg Centre NDP nomination meeting // Doug Goltz appointed dean of science // Issues in federal corrections

  • Start up the buses!

    CEO Manitoba’s goal is “to help more students start more businesses” and encourage students to step outside of their comfort zone, Harjinder Sidhu, the nonprofit’s president, says.

  • In the North End, hearts beat as one

    Winnipeg’s North End is not only the home to many important and effective nonprofits, but it’s also a neighbourhood with a culture where these organizations frequently collaborate.

  • Closing time

    The UWSA announced that Index Bookstore will close at the end of March. For the past three years, the student-run retail outlet served as a coffee shop, bookstore and print shop for the campus community.

  • Heavy metal discovery

    A new material with both metallic and non-metallic properties was discovered by researchers at the University of Winnipeg (U of W).

  • Ushering in a new era

    The face of politics is quite literally changing. With election season ahead of us, campaigning has paved the way for a number of exciting candidates from diverse backgrounds.