Hail Taxi - Apart for So Long


Hail Taxi’s EP Apart for So Long is a hearty mix of folk, electronic and synth-pop all in one bowl of music stew. The collection of songs presents a matured craft in regards to creating and mixing sound. Hail Taxi brings together the fresh digital age and an organic, outdoorsy aura to create this intriguing EP.

Breathy vocals lay down poetic rhyme on the verses of the first track, then transition into a wordy yet impeccably phrased chorus. The song reminisces about a past lover lingering in the artist’s memories. Folk-like chord changes on acoustic guitar are blended with synthetic tones and drum beats to create a unique style.

Either on vocal tracks or instrumentals, Hail Taxi creates an atmosphere in each song. In “Mount Robson” there are no vocals, but just the name of the song is enough to prompt the listener to imagine hiking through the peaceful secluded wilderness while listening to the tranquil moog tones, which provide filler over a picked acoustic guitar line.

Longing lyrics tug at the soul of the listener and echo the name of the EP on “We Are Not Doomed…Yet.” The honesty of the writer shows infectious vulnerability. Themes of romantic longing empathize the artist and flawlessly seep into the mind of the listener.

The final track, another instrumental dubbed “An Untitled Ending” is an atmospheric trip through palm-muted guitar phrases and reverb-heavy synth chords. When a dubstep-esque beat drops, the finality of the EP begins to set in. Heavy, electronic tones, the album comes to a close.

The shape of Apart For So Long flows so easily, making for an effortless listen. You can hear the perfections as well as the imperfections in every part of the record, baring beauty in what is heard. Hail Taxi succeeds in creating a world of synth-folk that anyone can get lost in.

-- Ryan Haughey

Published in Volume 73, Number 11 of The Uniter (November 22, 2018)

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