Favourite Local Activist


1. Robert-Falcon Ouellette
2. Brittany Thiessen
3. Jodie Layne

When the Falcon descended on last year’s mayoral race he was the fringe candidate who wound up coming in third. All the people I knew that voted for Judy last time around were voting for him, as were a lot of people who had never cast a ballot before. He brought about change simply by speaking to people that most candidates ignored. He also did a Reddit AMA. 

An activist is a broad term, but simply put, it’s someone who works to bring about social, economic and political change. 38-year-old Ouellette aims to continue doing just that as he works towards becoming the next Liberal Candidate for MP in Winnipeg Centre, a seat currently held by Pat Martin. He just held a membership and volunteer drive this week, so if you’re looking to get involved, find him on Facebook and Twitter.

Part of the series: The Uniter 30

Published in Volume 69, Number 15 of The Uniter (January 7, 2015)

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