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  • IAN LA RUE & THE CONDOR - A History of Layers

    A History of Layers is a departure for La Rue, it being his first with the band The Condor, featuring Mag 7’s Mat Magura (drums), Mike Petkau (production and bass) and Andrew Workman (guitars).

  • SONS OF YORK - Black and White Summer

    Sons of York are a trio of Winnipeg brothers that seem to have come to us from a different time.

  • ULTRAMEGA - Black Wu Jackets

    Ultramega are a local quartet whose debut EP is a collection of Wu Tang lyrics sung over top of the band’s original folk-based indie pop.

  • One part blood, two parts sweat, three parts body hair

    Last May, Winnipeggers were given the opportunity to witness one of the greatest live shows ever to take the stage in this city. Monotonix, the three-piece garage rock explosion from Tel Aviv, Israel were playing the Pyramid Cabaret. The Pyramid’s capacity is over 400, but that fateful night less than 50 people were in attendance.

  • A sublime and smouldering package

    Amber Epp, Winnipeg jazz scene’s “next big thing,” will be releasing her debut CD with Latin-influenced jazz combo Trio Bembe this Monday, Nov. 23 at the West End Cultural Centre. Epp, who plays weekly with the Papa Mambo Trio at Hermanos, the new Exchange District hotspot for Latin American food and music, recently graduated from the University of Manitoba’s Music School and has a burning passion to contribute as well as perform.

  • All’s fair in modern dance

    Jolene Bailie is a busy woman. With a career that has had her touring the country many times, performing hundreds of shows both here and internationally, the modern dance queen still finds time to teach at her alma mater, the School of Contemporary Dancers here in Winnipeg, where she started her modern dance training over 14 years ago.

  • Toponomy, topography and topology

    Tyler Bancroft, co-founder of Vancouver’s Said the Whale, said of their first record that “it’s all songs about Vancouver and the places we knew.”

  • The blues: As good as dead?

    “Did you even listen to our new record?”

  • WE ARE THE CITY - In a Quiet World

    “In a quiet world … I used to have my health but now I am ill,” Cayne McKenzie sings on Intro from this Kelowna trio’s debut long player.

  • PINHEAD GUNPOWDER - Kick Over the Traces

    Chances are you have never even heard of Pinhead Gunpowder. Who can blame you? This retrospective is 23 tracks in 43 minutes. Raw pop-punk rock: snotty delivery, double-time jaunt and real melody.

  • GRANT DAVIDSON - Tired Limbs for Ashes

    Those in the know are already informed of Davidson’s obvious talent and flare for great stories and tasteful arrangements.

  • AMELIA CURRAN Hunter, Hunter

    Her first album crafted with the support of a label with major distribution, we reap the benefits of the promise of mass exposure.

  • A groovy kind of metal

    The swamp, gators and bugs the size of your beer can. Bonfires made with pallets and waking up in the mud, thankful your girlfriend took your glasses earlier on in the night.

  • CRISIS JANE - Don’t Flatter Yourself

    Uber-positive lyrics, super-tight execution, killer pipes and righteous jams; Crisis Jane is reminiscent of Saves the Day with the emotion of Anberlin.

  • OCTOBERMAN - Fortresses

    I could be simple and just lump this in with the droll that Pitchfork praises incessantly or that indie poop-mongers JagJagWhine or Suckretly Canadian release.

  • Bring Me the Horizon - Suicide Season

    I’m sorry, but this band looks so contrived. In fairness, Suicide Season is jackhammer relentless and doesn’t let up.

  • Ultimate Power Duo - New Normal

    A misnomer, this ensemble is neither ultimate nor a duo. But, ‘killer power trio’ does indeed describe them well.

  • Amelia Curran - War Brides

    This is the fourth disc from Newfoundland native Amelia Curran.

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